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Arlette Thierion, future motion designer

Arlette Thierion, future motion designer

Interview with a 2nd year undergraduate student in motion design about her course and choices.

Was motion design a childhood dream?

Not really! As a child, I saw myself pursuing more of a scientific career and I dreamt of working in space. But as the years went by, I became less interested in science and began to see it more as a headache than anything else.

What made you choose motion design for your Bachelor’s degree? Had you thought about doing motion design before arriving at the school?

It’s quite strange actually, because over the years I developed an interest for textures, new materials and particularly textiles that can be moved, transformed, distorted, etc. In a nutshell: anything that involves movement. Seeing as motion is connected to that, I thought the motion course would be the most appropriate. I also liked the idea of learning about graphic design.

What do you like about the course?

What I like most is the fact that it’s a new section so everything is kind of a new experience. It’s a really broad and varied sector. We don’t work purely on motion. We study sound, storytelling, ambiances, etc. That’s my favorite aspect of the course so far.

What do you expect to get out of the course?

I can’t wait to really master certain pieces of software and, at the end of the course, to be able to reuse the different materials and different knowledge that we’ve acquired which, at the outset, didn’t seem to be related.

Who is your favorite designer?

At the moment, I’d say it’s Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. I love his colorful universe and his ability to use the polysemy of certain terms to create wordplay and amusing puns full of positive energy. Whether it’s fashion, illustrations or projects, I find his work really interesting.

What does storytelling mean to you?

For me, storytelling is the ability to implement a variety of means to make a story or an anecdote meaningful and interesting. How to share an idea or a universe and to make it accessible to the person to whom it is addressed.

What are some of your favorite motion videos?

The video Psyop and Nöbl created for the New York City Gay Pride, and the video Nöbl did for the Mirage Festival in 2016. Also Motion Motion’s and Akatre’s videos.

And the video Melt created for the Allegro Fashion Show.

What kind of motions do you dream of developing?

Mainly 3D motion I think, with highly colored and textured universes in duotone or trichromy, to do with promoting intelligent textiles, innovation in general, or promoting new “things” which are beginning to emerge. Forward-looking motion!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I don’t really know but let’s say that the ultimate dream would be to work abroad for a while, preferably in an Anglo-Saxon country (but not necessarily the United States). I’d like to set up a creative studio with two or three people with the same ambitions as me (with a Sound Designer, graphic designers, etc.) My ambition is to work on projects involving high quality products, but also to work on projects associated with humanitarian action to be able to help communities, to give something back and do something meaningful.