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The Design Labs at the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design (ARD) 2014

The Design Labs at the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design (ARD) 2014
Grégoire Cliquet at the ARD 2014

On 10, 11 and 12 December 2014, the 9th edition of the Ateliers de la Recherche en Design (ARD) took place in Liège in Belgium. The Ateliers de la Recherche en Design were created at the University of Nîmes (Unîmes) in December 2006 by Alain Findeli, Georges Schambach and Brigitte Borja de Mozota. The network aims to promote design research and to create a community of French-speaking researchers. We must remember that design is not an “academic” discipline and therefore design doctorates do not exist in France…

The theme of this 9th edition was “Designer – creator and/or facilitator?” and its purpose was to examine the place and role of designers in an environment where the term “design” is often used indiscriminately.

Gaël Guilloux and myself took part in the workshop entitled “Design research: academic vs non-academic” and we took advantage of this opportunity to present the organization of our Master’s programs around societal issues supported by our 4 Design Labs. The concept created quite a stir and led to many questions. Indeed, for the various participants, this organization seems to be the most obvious way to lay the foundations for a Master’s degree – foundations which our Design Labs are striving to build with the help of foreign academic partners.

Grégoire Cliquet
READi Design Lab Director