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Antonio Fidalgo - UX/UI lead designer at Clever Age

Antonio Fidalgo - UX/UI lead designer at Clever Age
Antonio Fidalgo teaches website composition, “quick & dirty” seminars and monitors long-term projects at L’École de design.

We hear from a professional who teaches website composition, “quick & dirty” seminars and monitors long-term projects for Interaction Design undergraduate students.

What’s your background?

I trained as an “advertising graphic artist”, which sounds really old-fashioned today. I did two years at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Rennes, then got my degree as a graphic artist in Nantes. I worked for several web agencies where multimedia soon evolved into web. Reflecting these developments, I am now head of unit and UX/UI designer at Makina Corpus.

Are you more UX or UI?

Both! I am incapable of choosing one of these aspects of my work over the other.

What is the activity of Makina Corpus, the company you work for, and what is your role?

Makina Corpus are experts in open source software, cartography and data analysis. They design innovative business applications. The company’s main activity is IT services with high technical added value based on Open Source principles.

Why do you come back to teach year after year at L’École de design?

I like teaching (which I think is the very least). I enjoy telling motivated young people about my experiences and hearing about theirs. I appreciate constantly discovering new uses and activities through meeting other staff or professionals. I also enjoy having to constantly brush up my skills to keep my courses up-to-date.

What do you gain professionally from teaching at L’École de design?

Trying out new tools and uses gives me quick and valuable feedback which I can then use to enhance my commercial offer. And the experience I gain with clients can be used to enrich my lessons.

If you had to define web design in 3 lines?

Web design lets you structure and prioritize the potentially huge content of a website giving it a strong visual identity (reflecting the client’s universe but also the broader context) and also lets you offer smooth and intuitive browsing and interaction.

Any sites that you particularly admire?

I don’t really “admire” websites anymore. For me, a successful website is one which meets user expectations while respecting a clear visual identity specific to its market.

How do you keep abreast of the latest trends in web design?

I subscribe to many different technical, graphic and social newsletters… In Makina Corpus, we also share a lot of links and information.
This morning in my inbox:

- Fubiz
- Journal du net
- Harvard Business Review
- Pinterest
- Twitter
- Le blog du modérateur
- La réclame hebdo
- Behance

A lot of different stuff.

What advice do you give students to help them prepare for the Worldskills Competition?

I don’t have any specific advice for Worldskills but, like the old teacher that I’m becoming, I’m constantly telling them to “work relentlessly on the subjects that fascinate them, and to explore as many of them as possible, as their school years are the best time in their life to do it”.