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Amaury Malhère, apprentice at Trato TLV

Amaury Malhère, apprentice at Trato TLV

What is your educational background?

After doing a high school diploma in economic and social sciences, I joined the first year of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, already with the aim of doing design training as an apprentice.

Why did you choose L’École de design Nantes Atlantique?

It was during my 3rd year placement in a design agency that I had the opportunity to discover the school. My choice was then confirmed, firstly, by the school’s reputation and, secondly, by the possibility of doing a sandwich course.

Is an apprenticeship rather than initial training a criterion of choice?

A sandwich course was an option because I wanted to discover the world of business and compare theory and practice while benefiting from the experience of professionals and teachers. The practical part of the professional experience is what particularly interested me.

How did you find out about Trato?

After extensive personal research and in partnership with the school, Trato contacted me for a first interview to assess my skills and motivation. This was after the school sent them my CV.

What tasks are entrusted to you?

First and foremost, it should be specified that Trato is part of the Trato TLV Group and so I have the opportunity to work with both entities within a joint design department. Within the framework of Trato, I develop the lighting design for the tertiary, retail and transport sectors. As regard to TLV, I specialise in the hospital world. My job is to design lighting solutions and equipment for accommodation or technical platforms. The technical aspect is predominant, as is the concept of range.

What support do you receive from the school and Trato as an apprentice?

The school gives me the knowledge and tools to effectively progress within the company, particularly when it comes to design methodology. The teaching team always listen to us, guide us and advise us at the start of our professional careers. As for Trato, it provides me with a real experience that can be incorporated into my academic projects. It also allows me to adapt my knowledge and face other professionals (engineers, salespeople, suppliers, etc.) and understand the whole transversal approach to design in the company.

Has your vision of the company evolved since you became an apprentice?

Yes, of course. After nearly two years on the sandwich course, I was lucky enough to gain experience and adapt to an environment that has completely different requirements and expectations to the academic world.

How do you see your future training?

There is no question of me ruling out professional training in my future career as the experience I have gained seems essential to me. That is why I am currently considering a sandwich course Masters in order to learn more about the complementarity between work and studies which seem inextricably linked today.