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Impacts #5 - Morgane LEONARD and Jehane EL ZEIN, alumni 2008

Impacts #5 - Morgane LEONARD and Jehane EL ZEIN, alumni 2008
Jehane EL ZEIN and Morgane LEONARD

“Instilling meaning and a little extra soul”

Setting up your own company means having freedom”, say Jehane El Zein and Morgane Leonard. After a successful experience at L’Oréal Luxe and Chanel, they set up their own agency Leonard El Zein, specialized in product and spatial design.
For the past three years, the two young professionals who combine determination, sensitivity and elegance, have worked in a multitude of fields. They are contacted by clients as prestigious as EDFYves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Although they work in a wide variety of fields (events, interior design, furniture, objects), they have become a reference in the retail design sector.

Perchoirs à Bijoux Esther Vina 1950

We share the same taste for purity and for simple, minimalist things”, explain the duo. This is the spirit that characterized their creation of jewelry displays for the jewelry brand Esther Vina 1950.
Inspired by snakes, the emblem of the brand, they designed graphic yet discreet stands in different sizes. In light of the success of this object, they have decided to launch an edition intended for the general public.

The agency’s goal is to instill meaning and a little extra soul into each of the projects entrusted to us,” explain the two friends. “In a way, we try to find the magic formula which fulfils our clients’ brief. We respond to the demand whilst bringing a touch of poetry.”

In their Parisian office, they admit that it is often the combination of their ideas which makes for the best projects. They complement each other.
The two optimists are permanently thinking about how to develop their company. “You have to constantly be defining a strategy,” they say. They hope “to continue working on meaningful projects that we’re passionate about.” And in the future they’d like to “find the agency-workshop of their dreams complete with a terrace and barbecue which they would design themselves”.

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