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Alumni: Impact(s) 4 is out!

Alumni: Impact(s) 4 is out!

The 4th issue of L’École de design Impact(s) catalogue is out! This collection of 20 alumni portraits brilliantly showcases the excellence and professional achievement of our graduates.

The 20 young designers featuring in the 4th issue Impact(s)

According to Christian Guellerin, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique Managing Director, "the success of an institution lies in the success of its alumni who 5 or 10 years after starting a career still act as driving forces for creating and innovating within their company and keep holding the responsibilities they were entrusted with."

Impact(s) showcases the budding careers of 20 students from L’École de design based on one of their key projects.

A customized leg prosthesis, baby sunglasses, induction hob, 3D software, packaging, etc. Impact(s) lists an eclectic series of achievements and profiles that highlight the diversity of student paths and the variety of potential international careers offered by our institution.

These graduates in spatial design, interaction design, and product design introduce their projects and explain their approach and goals.