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Impacts#6 – Adrien Sorin, 2012 alumni, Architectural Designer

Impacts#6 – Adrien Sorin, 2012 alumni, Architectural Designer

Portrait of Adrien Sorin, young Architectural Designer

After finishing his MDes degree, Adrien Sorin headed for Montreal for his first Canadian experience in La Firme Design and since 2015 has worked for Sid Lee Architecture. Interview with this young Architectural Designer.

Coalision Lolë offices

"Pay as much attention to the tiny details as the monumental features"

“Today, my way of approaching a space or an environment is definitely more like that of an architect,” insists Adrien, a designer in the Quebec-based agency Sid Lee Architecture. “I try to move from one scale to another and I pay as much attention to the tiny details as the monumental features”.

In this large-scale project, Coalision Lolë, even though he insists that the work was highly collaborative, he admits that he enjoyed “a great deal of freedom and total trust” from his agency.

Adrien helped convert an old train station into offices, dealing with everything from 3D spatial planning to lighting and designing a gigantic staircase. “We needed to find a strong architectural style to create cohesion between the design of new spaces and this outstanding heritage site”.

Connecting indoor and outdoor areas, Adrien endeavored to facilitate links and exchanges between the spaces and future users of the place, bringing in natural light and optimizing the movement of people.

In this large-scale project, the most important thing for me was to create conditions that naturally lent themselves to teamwork so that users would take ownership of the place intuitively”.

I like minimalist lines,” insists the Architectural Designer, “but I also like adding some unexpected details, a few small iconic and subtle features that catch people’s attention".

“At L’École de design I learnt to mix up disciplines”

There’s a lot of overlap between the disciplines taught at L’École de design and a great diversity of teaching staff – this wealth of approaches affords us a very comprehensive vision of design projects. And with this approach it is also important to fuel your creativity on a daily basis,” insists Adrien. “This kind of research should not be restricted to office hours. You have to be inquisitive and observant and constantly be looking around you to see how things work”.

When asked about his future, Adrien answers that he’d really like to "sail the ship”, becoming his own boss or teaming up with friends on a more multidisciplinary project. “I’d also like to develop my skills even further in related fields like urban development or territorial planning.”