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Impacts #5 - Claire Cherruault, alumni 1999

Impacts #5 - Claire Cherruault, alumni 1999

“What’s important is to give things a boost, to inject new ideas”

Within the framework of Impact n°5 publication who redraws 20 graduates’ courses, return on the work of Claire Cherruault, alumni 1999. After a work experience in different agencies (Black & Gold Design AgencyDragon Rouge et Team Creatif entre autres), Claire dashed in 2012 into a career freelance.


Cereal packets, cigar boxes, sweet tins – Claire was already collecting packaging at the age of 12. Today she is a freelance artistic director specialized in Branding and Packaging, and still has the same passion for volumes and graphic design but she has also developed a taste for strategy.

Hypothèses de travail

Defining the brand identity, choosing the angles of attack and analyzing the competition are strategic issues which Claire takes on every day.
“You always have to look in different directions”, she explains, “question your way of doing things: curiosity helps you define new universes”.
Called on by the agency Extrême Paris, she won the campaign to reposition the Pampryl brand. “It was a really important personal challenge for me,” remembers Claire, “especially when you work freelance as it’s such a small community so when you win competitions, you make a name for yourself!” For this project, Claire designed a new identity and new packaging which are all about getting back to the roots, with a sense of harvest, heritage and tradition.

Logos research

To fuel her creativity and find the key words and images, Claire admits to always using the synoptic approach taught by Jean-Patrick Péché at L’École de design. “It saves so much time”, explains Claire who admits that in this profession it is also “essential to know how to listen to the people you work with, whether they are junior or senior”.
In the current context, Claire also recognizes that packaging has to adapt to changing consumer habits and take on board major ecological issues.
Confronted with the question of over-packaging and waste reduction, Claire decided to offer her clients various options that are consistent with sustainable development.
“What’s important is to give things a boost, to inject new ideas”, insists Claire, “as often brands don’t necessarily consider this environmental aspect due to lack of time rather than money”.

Final version

Claire is quick to describe herself as “an artist rooted in reality” and aspires to create “beautiful and useful objects”. This sensitive and determined designer is thinking about one day becoming “a headhunter to ensure the optimal match between teams and projects”. The perfect way to put her expertise in strategy to work for agencies.