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Agreement with ÉTS to set up a design school in Montreal

Agreement with ÉTS to set up a design school in Montreal
Michel Huneault - director of academic affairs at ÉTS - and Emmanuelle Gaudemer - President of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

Agreement with ÉTS to set up a design school in Montreal

Since 2017, l’Ecole de technologie supérieure (ÉTS-Montreal) and l’École de design Nantes Atlantique have been working in an educational partnership and on Thursday 19 September 2019 they signed a letter of commitment which gives the green light to set up a design school in Montreal, co-produced by the two schools and located on the premises of ÉTS.

The two establishments first entered into an initial cooperation when they set up the “Montreal Studio”, a Master’s program in design dedicated to entrepreneurship, in the Centech (business incubator for start-ups founded by ÉTS). This joint venture enables forty or so design students to study for 24 months in Quebec, in a work-study set-up combining school and startups. An innovative approach which allows the companies being incubated to integrate design in their development process very early on.

A design school in Montreal in 2021

The second stage of cooperation seeks to create a design school within ÉTS which is scheduled to open in 2021. This establishment will carry the DNA common to both transatlantic partners: putting students at the center of an experience-based learning program to prepare them for a career supporting innovation and society. It will develop Bachelor’s then Master’s level training programs in design, in the field of digital design (UX/UI Design, Animation, Video Game Design), industrial design (product, transport), space design (interior design and scenography) and graphic design. This school will train multi-skilled designers able to contribute actively to Quebec’s cutting-edge industries (robotics, artificial intelligence, Medtech, aviation, rail, cinema, video games, entertainment, events).

Michel Huneault, director of academic affairs at ÉTS, explains “Our two institutions share the same vision of teaching based on experimentation, creativity and close contact between students and companies. Our aim for this partnership is to train open-minded professionals who are capable of combining technology and creativity to serve society.”

For Emmanuelle Gaudemer, president of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, “The identification of real potential markets is at the heart of creative processes and not the opposite. It’s a different and very positive approach to teaching which is a historic practice at L’École de design, yet all too rare in other schools. This joint venture between our two establishments is bound to make our future designers very happy”.

With this latest partnership L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is pursuing its international development, launched in 2008, which enables 150 French students to enrich their studies by spending two years in one of four high-potential countries (China, India, Brazil and Canada). In a few days, it will inaugurate its first African establishment, Africa Design School, developed with the local authorities with a view to supporting digital development in Benin and West Africa. The Nantes-based school is a perfect illustration of the city of Nantes’ motto: “Neptune favors those who travel”. Through its international development, it should train 4,000 students and 4,000 companies in design by 2030.


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