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A. Le Quernec: “Poster boy” for Graphic Design workshop

A. Le Quernec: “Poster boy” for Graphic Design workshop

From January 7-11, 2013, Second-year Graphic Design students participated in a workshop led jointly by Alain Le Quernec, Poster designer, and Nathalie Templier, Course Leader for Graphic Design at L’École de design. Take a closer look at what emerged from this constructive encounter on housing rights.

A. Le Quernec

Internationally-acclaimed “poster boy” Alain Le Quernec is best known for being a politically-, culturally- and socially-oriented graphic designer. His posters catch innocent bystanders off-guard, slaps conscience in the face, and haunts the memory.

Since 2010, Le Quernec has been heading up a workshop for Graphic Design students who work relentlessly on getting just the right message across to the public. They incessantly and cyclically build, take apart and put back together each idea in an effort to come up with the most graphically-suited solution to any given topic. Each year, this topic strikes both a chord and a nerve in the students’ imagination, and, as a result, gives rise to a series of punch-gut posters. For the week-long, creative brainstorming session, this year’s housing rights topic was but a pretext to design a poster, a stand-alone form of communication.

Whether serious, provocative, funny, if not delusional, positive or nihilistic, the proposals have to make sense, and above all, convey a visual message. Rather than a literal illustration, students are asked to look into a transposition or some sort of unconventional ambivalence, a level playing field between a message’s content and context via a straightforward, visible and legible poster that will not leave the reader indifferent.

Nathalie Templier
Course Leader for Graphic Design undergraduate studies (Design Master degree)