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4th year internship at Suez in Sydney – a great experience for all involved

4th year internship at Suez in Sydney – a great experience for all involved

Ophélie Brunet, actuellement en 1ère année de cycle master, fait son stage obligatoire de 4 mois à Sydney chez Suez. Ravie de son expérience, elle nous fait partager son quotidien professionnel avec son maître de stage, Joseph Lewis, designer graphique se

Ophélie Brunet, currently in the 1st year of a Master’s degree, is doing her compulsory 4-month internship in Sydney at Suez. Delighted with the experience, she tells us all about her daily working life with her training supervisor, Joseph Lewis, a senior graphic designer.

Why did you choose an internship in Australia?
Ophélie Brunet: As I’d already had an experience of working in a studio, for this second internship I wanted to try being an in-house designer in a multinational company.
Working for Suez is exciting because of all the international stakes involved, but it’s also a rich and rewarding experience. In Australia, the status of intern as such doesn’t exist, or at least, it is completely different from the status in France. As soon as I arrived in the company, I was told that it was up to me to take decisions. Of course I can ask for advice, but it’s up to me to take the lead and come up with ideas. Here, I am not seen as an intern - I’m an employee, a designer.

What kind of jobs are entrusted to interns?
Ophélie Brunet: I was given a rebranding project for the new brand Suez Organics Solutions. I’m expected to work alone and to decide what I want to do with the brand. The first months are pretty terrifying but you very quickly get used to it, you gain confidence and it’s amazing how much creative freedom we’re given. I’m currently in the process of organizing my first photoshoot for the front of the flyers that I designed and which, by the way, are likely to be published worldwide judging by the positive feedback from the Australian and French offices!
Joseph Lewis: Ophélie has played a significant role in the Marketing and Graphic Design departments over the past few months. During this hectic period she has reorganized the internal division of our activity. This has greatly relieved the workload of our team who has really appreciated her contribution. Ophélie has demonstrated the ability to work on her own and has produced innovative high caliber results. Having a fresh perspective on certain problems has been extremely helpful. Ophélie has adapted really well to the work culture and organization of our team. She’s methodical and is good at solving problems by herself. However, she always asks for help if there’s a problem, which helps us work smoothly and avoid delays.

What have you gained from this professional experience?
Ophélie Brunet: Although I’m pretty sure now that I prefer working in a studio, this experience has taught me to be more daring. I’m more confident about my work and I consider myself more independent than before.
Joseph Lewis: We’ll certainly miss Ophélie, for her easygoing personality, her excellent work ethic and her obvious passion for design. We are really impressed with our intern’s work ethic and her design skills, and will be very sorry to see her leave.


Sarah Démery
Internship and business relations coordinator