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3 prizes for interaction design students in La Poste competition

3 prizes for interaction design students in La Poste competition

La Poste group competition: prize for service design

Checking your bank balance remotely, choosing a delivery address for a parcel or simply buying a book of stamps: these services are part and parcel of everyday life. To make them simpler and easier to use, all these new services were given the design treatment. By questioning everyday habits and uses, designers come up with ideas for services and create global scenarios for them, paying particular attention to user interactions. Although this process is booming right now, it remains largely ignored by the general public.
La Poste group has been involved in this discipline for several years now and decided to put it in the spotlight with its prize for service design. This competition, organized in association with Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, gets designers to come up with original services based on a specific subject for each event, using design as a motor for innovation.

“La Banque Postale of the future”

Will the bank of the future be entirely digital? While users like to deal with day-to-day transactions using digital technology, they still appreciate human contact for more important matters, as well as somewhere to discuss things face-to-face which creates a relationship of trust. These aspirations thus illustrate the need for a hybrid bank combining digital and physical services. How should this new Banque Postale be organized? How should the physical place (the post office) and the remote uses be made complementary using digital technology? How can La Banque Postale offer a consistently attractive user experience? What new services can it offer via its network of post offices and on-line advisors?
The third edition of the Prix pour le design de service invited design candidates to imagine what would entice people to walk into La Banque Postale in the future.
To make the jury’s job easier and to harmonize the projects, the candidates were asked to present their work in digital format, including the concept with a name and logo, a use scenario and a detailed design of the service’s features.

2nd prize for La Poste Connect

Connect is a project carried out by Chloé Bigorre and Benjamin Carrier, both 3rd year undergraduate students in interaction design.

La Poste Connect makes it possible to have a meeting with your bank advisor without having to go to their office.

Joint 3rd prize and people’s choice award for Luni

Camille Bruder (3rd year interaction design bachelor’s student) and Elise Bunouf (3rd year product design bachelor’s student), won joint 3rd prize as well as the people’s choice award with Luni.

This clever terminal lets you access all the services offered by La Poste and La Banque Postale 24/7 and interacts with your smartphone to save you time.