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25th anniversary: Where are Alumni now?

25th anniversary: Where are Alumni now?

In honor of L’École de design’s 25th anniversary, Internships and Business Relations Coordinator Maud Meudic is compiling the profiles of its graduates (Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees). Where are they now? What have they taken away from their studies?

Bryony Gaschy

Alexia Perraud / 2003 alumnus
In-house designer at VTech Jouets
“I was able to design models, be they from the very first draft to the materials used, from colors, graphics and modeling to infographic processing, (…) from spec sheet creation, (…) all the way through to production and layout.”

Bryony Gaschy / 2005 alumnus
In-house designer at Steelcase

“As designers, our strength is our ability to make things visible and tangible, and this is why design is the art of bringing ideas to life.”

Céline Divay

Céline Divay / 2009 alumnus
In-house designer at TBS
“It’s not every day that we hit the jackpot and get our dream job the first time around! The various experiences along the way enrich our repertory, and enable us to better picture who we are and where we want to head.”

Claire Cherruault / 1999 alumnus
Freelance Art Director in Branding and Packaging
“Taking first place in competitions is always good for the ego, and perpetually drives us to want to create more and better.”

Fabienne Raimond’s project

Cynthia Bodin / 2001 alumnus
In-house designer at Lego
“Don’t be afraid to take risks and march to the beat of your own drum. Build up your local and international network, and know when to take hold of opportunities.”

Cyrille Charbonnier / 2000 alumnus
Designer at Maya, Ltd.
“With a BTS [Brevet de technician supérieur (Associate’s degree)] (…) to become an Assistant in Industrial Creation, I wanted to enter the job market to get a real feel for what the profession entailed.”

Emmanuel TERRIEN / 2004 alumnus
Head of Design at Groupe Atlantic
“The design field is (often) one of compromise; learn to take the time.”

Fabienne Raimond / 2009 alumnus
In-house designer at L’Oréal
“Today on my desk, the Pantone Color Spectrum rubs elbows with lipstick, nail polish, mascara and eyeliner – a dream come true.”

Maxime De Almeida’s project

Jean-Christophe Naour / 2007 alumnus
In-house designer at Samsung Electronics
“When I was a student, I did not have a clear idea of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. One thing, though, was always certain: I wanted to be in a field that combined art and technology.”

Marie Piet / 2002 alumnus
Design Manager for the Chocolate Centre of Excellence at Nestlé
“Experiencing things from the inside, grasping how a brand takes shape and bonds with its consumers, and also experiencing real-time production of its creations without a middle-man are quite an eye-opener.”

Maxime De Almeida / 2011 alumnus
In-house designer at Dixneuf
“Pushing through new shapes and styles is a challenge we face every day, but the finished product makes it all worth it in the end.”

Thomas Buisson / 2010 alumnus
In-house designer at Courant
“I was fortunate to have joined the company during my final year project: Courant financed a portion of it, and we have been working together ever since.”

Thomas Buisson’s project