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2017 Strategic Design Trophies

2017 Strategic Design Trophies

On 30 November 2017, L’École de design and its partners will award five prizes to businesses which have adopted a design-led strategy.

Over forty businesses have been rewarded in the past 15 years! And five more will join their ranks on Thursday 30 November 2017 at the Nantes business fair (Salon des entrepreneurs).

L’École de design and its partners, experts in design and innovation from the regions of Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Nouvelle Aquitaine will award prizes to five companies from the West of France, from Brest to Hendaye, with a managerial approach geared towards creation and innovation.
Who is eligible to receive this prize?

Businesses can’t put themselves forward!

The originality of these trophies lies in the fact that businesses can’t put themselves forward!

The companies are short-listed by the jury members. The selection committee is made up of personalities who observe or accompany design activities in the West of France (Brittany, Pays de la Loire, Nouvelle Aquitaine). It includes the organizations Atlanpole, INPI, Design’InCFA Design et innovation and L’École de design for the Pays de la Loire region, ARIST Bretagne and Bretagne Développement Innovation for Brittany, INDPConseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine and ADI Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

Each member puts forward the companies which they consider have demonstrated exceptional initiative over the past months. The committee examines the relevance of each candidate and selects five. There is no particular ranking, but the companies must distinguish themselves through their market or sector of activity.

Each year, the jury examines as many as 80 companies from our regions and selects only five. A rich selection which proves that design is playing an increasingly important role in our companies.


A wider area and 5 prizes in the spotlight

The area under observation: the Atlantic Arc

Until 2016, the businesses selected were located in one of the three regions of the jury members: Pays de la Loire, Brittany or Poitou-Charentes. This last region has been replaced by Nouvelle Aquitaine, so the jury is now faced with a much wider playing field spanning from Saint-Malo to Biarritz and including Brest, Limoges and Bordeaux.

The 2016 winners thus represented a wide range of regional know-how: Alki (contemporary wooden furniture in the Basque country), La Communauté de Communes Au Pays de la Roche Aux Fées (a Breton collectivity), Funeral Concept (Vendée-based company making funerary furniture), Heliceo (manufacturer of photogrammetric drones in Nantes) and La Subtile (Breton industrial creative workshop).

5 categories in the spotlight

5 prizes are traditionally awarded:

Design and innovation
How can design jump-start a business?
The trophy rewards a person who has successfully diversified their company using design as a motor for development.

Design and start-up
How can design consolidate the development of a business start-up?
The trophy rewards young companies who have chosen to invest heavily in design from the outset.

Design and interactivity/service design
How can design contribute to developing the services on offer?
The trophy rewards a company whose design process is based on their understanding of user behavior and which develops new concepts linked to social needs and economic changes.

Global design
How can design contribute to the development of the company through its strategic position?
The trophy rewards a company which set itself apart through a systematic approach to its products, packaging, environment or graphic design…

“Coup de cœur” award
The jury can decide to award a Coup de cœur prize when an organization demonstrates a remarkable example of innovation which doesn’t fit into one of the four categories above, but deserves to be recognized.


Les lauréats 2016 et le jury

Come and discover the new prize winners on 30 November 2017

The next awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 30 November 2017 at 12.30pm in the VIP club of Salon des Entrepreneurs de Nantes.

Compulsory registration:
NB: registration for the business fair does not include entrance to the awards ceremony. The two events are separate.