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1st year BTS spatial design students go dream catching

1st year BTS spatial design students go dream catching

From 16 April to 17 May 2014, our students are exhibiting at the Franciscan Gallery in Saint-Nazaire, on the theme "Wanderings and daydreams in Mexico".

On the initiative of their arts teacher, the apprentices on the 1st year Spatial Design course took part in an initiative entitled "Young people on show". This event is organized by the Regional Council for the Pays de la Loire, in collaboration with the Rectorat de l’Académie de Nantes (local education authority). It has been in existence since 2006 and provides a showcase for work produced by students and apprentices, within the framework of a true professional exhibition. The theme chosen for 2014 is "Wanderings and daydreams in Mexico".

Taking this theme for inspiration, the Mexican dream catcher seemed a natural starting place for reflecting on and producing a piece of visual art. In Native American culture, the dream catcher protects sleeping children at night. It captures their dreams and keeps only the good ones, thus safeguarding children from nightmares.

Here, it served as a reference, shape and medium for the BTS Spatial Design apprentices; it freed up their ideas. Each apprentice was asked to produce a map defined by a wicker circle of approximately 50 cm. They had to create an urban fabric through which people could weave their wanderings and daydreams. They all used the city plan of Tenochtitlan (today’s Mexico City) as a starting point. Once it had been reworked, the plan became totally subjective, and led each student to invent a totally unique graphic and artistic language, as seen in the accompanying photos.

After several sessions led by their arts teacher, together with an artist from the collective La Luna, the urban layouts started to take shape. Finally, the apprentices’ "cities" were joined together to form a collective piece of installation art. If you’d like to see all these imaginary cartographies, our apprentices, along with others, are “on show" at the Franciscan Gallery in Saint-Nazaire from 16 April to 17 May 2014.

Patrick Deneufmaison, Head of the Vocational Training Center