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CMB (Construction Millet Bois) / Lycée Corot, Savigny-sur-Orge © François Leclercq Architectes Urbanistes / Photo : Gitty Darugar

What is wood construction ?

Wood construction implies conception, production and installation on sites of products or wood components for the building (glulam structure, industrial structures, wooden structure)
This is a profession that requires both technical capacity and human quality to assume a point of contact with all partners of a construction project.

The missions of technician in wood construction

  • Conceive, produce and install on sites products or wood components dedicated to building,
  • Define the conditions for carrying out works in wood and to ensure the smooth running of a project,
  • Realize an implementation plan, calculation notes and specifications,
  • Organize the means of production (workforce, tools, raw materials)
  • Conduct and manage a building site

Technicians in wood construction/habitats can work:

  • in companies that manufacture wooden structures, wood components used in habitats,
  • in engineering departments,
  • as manager in products conception,
  • in a position of responsibility in production unit.

Program leading to these professions:

2-year vocational diploma (BTS) in wood construction/habitats