Céline Hervé / Head of project Interior architect / Eric Benque (scenograph) / Paris (France) / The scenography of the exhibit "Déboutonner la mode" pour les Arts Décoratifs (Paris, 2015) / © Photo : Luc Boegly

What is visual communication?

Scenography seeks to ensure the transmission of a message to a particular target group by creating communicative spaces and volumes. Scenographs aim to inspire, create desires and emotions, motivate and convey messages, while shrewdly integrating the strategic planning process and marketing issues of companies, institutional investors or cultural players.

Areas of application

  • Ephemeral communication volumes: Packaging, POS (point of sale advertizing and communication)
  • Ephemeral communication spaces: Exhibition stands for communication at fairs, salons and congresses, commercial scenography and temporary exhibitions, event venues
  • Permanent communication spaces: Showrooms or information points

Scenography designers can work:

  • in specialized agencies
  • in design departments,
  • for POS manufacturers,
  • for events agencies,
  • freelance.

Programs leading to these professions: