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Interior Architecture

Coalision Lolë Office by SidLee Architecture © Stephane Brugger

What is interior architecture?

The fields of activity for interior architecture are very broad. They include:

• interior design (private and public spaces),
• urban planning and natural landscaping.

These areas of activity overlap with those of interior design. The main difference is that interior designers acquire skills which allow them to be involved in the structural work of a building, and implies a ten-year liability clause. The title of interior designer in France must be recognized by the CFAI (National Council of French Interior Designers).

Areas of application

  • Living spaces
  • Work spaces
  • Retail and administrative spaces
  • Medical and social premises
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment and cultural venues
  • Research (areas for people with reduced mobility, energy savings, work environment, etc.)

Interior architect can work:

  • in specialized agencies (architecture, interior design; as scenographers/set designers, landscape architects, designers of communication spaces, etc.)
  • in the design department of a manufacturer (kitchen designers, stand manufacturers, etc.)
  • for public sector prime contractors (layout of public places: stations, airports, museums, etc.)
  • for private sector prime contractors (shopping malls, stores, trade fairs, private habitations, etc.)

Programs leading to these professions: