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Interaction Design

Andrews-Junior KIMBEMBÉ, alumni 2009, UX designer at Google Inc, Mountain View

What is interaction design?

Interaction design is the design of innovative services related to information and communication technologies.
The main sectors concerned are mobile phones, Internet and, more generally, IT and electronic consumer goods.
Through a user-centered approach and from the early phases of the project, interaction designers come up with services which meet emerging needs in terms of mobility, connectivity, convergence or geolocalization. They examine contexts of use and prototype modalities of interaction and interfaces which ensure optimum user-satisfaction when experiencing an information system.

Areas of application

  • Web and mobile application design
  • Development of information systems and knowledge management
  • Interactive scenography (museography, spectacle)
  • Graphical user interfaces
  • New modes of interaction (tactile, gestural and multimodal interfaces)

Interaction designers can work:

  • in design agencies,
  • freelance,
  • in in-house design departments,
  • in Research & Development departments.

Programs leading to these professions: