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Food Design

Nataly Restrepo, alumni 2015, Innovation in Food industry needs to evolve

What is Food Design?

Food Design focuses on food but also on food systems with an anthropological approach, it is interested in what we eat today, but also in what we will eat in 50 years time.

Public health challenges, as well as major geopolitical and environmental issues, are leading to changes in contemporary eating habits. Food Design seeks to reconcile well-being, pleasure and attractiveness with these issues and cultural requirements.

Designers work in multidisciplinary teams, imagining new concepts and giving shape to tomorrow’s food while responding to health, social and environmental issues. They also imagine new modes of consumption, including production, distribution, preparation and tasting, new services related to distribution and packaging, and the integration of technical innovations.

Main themes

  • Food and new technologies
  • Healthy Eating
  • Transition of proteins (from meat to other protein sources)
  • Food production: processing, packaging, distribution and transportation
  • Consumer: Foodservices, health and services, brand strategy and identity
  • Valorization: bio-materials, resources, wastes

Programs in Food Design at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France

This program entirely taught in English encourages the exploration of French culture in an applied interdisciplinary context, and offers a great opportunity to carry out design projects in a multicultural context.

Within this program, students will be able to choose to work on projects linked to Food Design.

Specifically tailored for international students who hold a Bachelor degree in design or equivalent, this program allows a good integration and a better approach of the methodology as taught at school through design practices.


MDes Food Design

Within the MDes Food Design, designers explore and project future scenarios for food industry. They work in multidisciplinary teams, imagine new concepts and give shape to tomorrow’s food while meeting sanitation, social and environmental issues.

Program taught in French


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