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Care Design

Recreating learning experiences through design with Livier Ortiz

What is Care Design?

Care Design is an "ethic of responsibility "* aimed at empowering vulnerable people. Social Design is an approach that focuses on the practice of Care, as "caring" in the broadest sense.

At the Care Design Lab, the approach to design (of spaces, services, products, interfaces, games...) is an approach focused on the vulnerable user, to improve his/her well-being and then the environmental and social quality of life of all. The Care Design Lab’s designers design sustainable, frugal and eco-designed solutions, based on crucial issues, and for global improvements in life courses.

The Care Design Lab participates in the universal design effort, for which design must be thought out in relation to vulnerable users: disabled people, people with cognitive disorders, people with social, economic, geographic and health problems. The accessibility of the devices is studied at every stage of the users’ life, from old age to early childhood.

* Cynthia Fleury, philosopher and holder of the Philosophy Chair at the CNAM hospital (Paris).

Main Themes

  • Health: health promotion and prevention, design of adapted life paths and living environments (disability, chronic diseases, etc.), co-design and co-construction of services and devices.
  • Public action: integrating design as a project discipline, in the improvement of the experience of public services. Strengthen through creative solutions the resilience of societies in the face of crises, without compromising organizational and budgetary balance.
  • Inclusion: redefining public services in a logic of care and attention, in a participatory way for all populations. Work on the notions of autonomy, longevity, fulfilment, equality between people and equal opportunities, living together.
  • Ecology: reasoned use of finite resources, critical perspective of technical and technological innovations, work on the efficiency of the devices developed to maximize the impact on behaviours while minimizing the impact on ecosystems (work on the life cycle of concepts).
  • Sustainability of economic models: highlighting the principles of circular economy, allowing companies to succeed and be sustainable in the face of societal changes. Development of the strategic dimension of the concepts for the company, the institution, the partner.
  • Environmental and social mediation: understanding and giving meaning to life experiences in order to take effective measures and to involve users in a conscious and voluntary way.

Programs in Care Design at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France

This program entirely taught in English encourages the exploration of French culture in an applied interdisciplinary context, and offers a great opportunity to carry out design projects in a multicultural context.

Within this program, students will be able to choose to work on projects linked to Care Design.

Specifically tailored for international students who hold a Bachelor degree in design or equivalent, this program allows a good integration and a better approach of the methodology as taught at school through design practices.


MDes Care Design

The MDes Care Design aims to identify and experience how product design, service design, graphic design, space design and interactive design can bring a better understanding of user groups such as children or the elderly, in order to offer solutions to improve their daily life and social conditions.


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