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Jobs & careers
Alumni career paths
Professional network

A curriculum geared towards employment

Ongoing contact and exchanges with our alumni are vital to helping to track both career growth and changes in business practices, which in turn, lay the groundwork for tailored teaching programs.

Throughout their studies, students receive ongoing guidance and assistance to successfully develop and carry out their professional project. In the Bachelor’s and the Master’s program, a specially-designed, career-driven program was set up. Its goal is to pave the way for our students toward their very first job, and to imagine themselves in the workplace and the career options that lie ahead.

Workshop with Elton Pickford

Workshops and case studies to confront the hiring process

CV/application form and portfolio workshops are organized regularly during their degree course.
Workshops on interview technique in the workplace are given in French and English for international internships.

Objectives: effectively preparing students for interviews in the workplace, presenting their application dossier, testing their arguments, understanding recruiters’ questioning and what is at stake.
Designers with different professional statuses (in-house, agency and entrepreneurs) also talk about their career experience.

Developing entrepreneurship

To develop and hone their entrepreneurial instinct, our students participate each year in differents events :  Salon des Entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneuriales and some start-up week-end.

Workshops on setting up a business are also on offer


Our actions for students’ employability

Internship and business relations Coordinator