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Key figures

Page updated on 20 January 2022

Access to the 1st job of the 2018 Master’s degree graduates

Professional integration for the 2020 graduating class

In October 2021, a major telephone survey was conducted among the class of 2020 Master’s graduates.

12 months after graduation, 78% of them are in employment, the majority of which are on permanent contracts.

*Survey of 186 graduates. 160 graduates responded to the survey (86% response rate)



Average wages declared by the 2019 master’s degree graduates

Le stage, premier tremplin vers l'emploi !

For 10 years, the end-of-study internship has been the best way for young graduates to find a job. Each year between 45% and 50% of students are hired by the company in which they did their internship.

Average wages declared by the 2019 master’s degree graduates in France and abroad is 33 500 euros per year.

Soutenance de VAE pour la promotion 2021

A third VAE promotion in 2021

The objective of the VAE is to Validate the Acquired Experience and to officially recognize the skills acquired through professional, personal and associative experience. Applying for a VAE requires taking a step back from one’s professional practice, analysing one’s progress, skills and strengths, presenting oneself with a common thread, but also knowing how to project oneself onto tomorrow’s practice!

In 3 classes (2019, 2020 and 2021), 14 candidates (out of 15 presented) ave graduated at the end of their defence. In November 2021, the VAE class achieved a 100% success rate. Congratulations to them and to their commitment!

In 2021, the 9 candidates had varied profiles: graduates of a BTS in industrial product design, a bachelor’s degree in product design or a master’s degree in graphic design, but also a self-taught candidate. For this third promotion, the youngest candidate had 6 years of professional experience and the most experienced one had 20 years of experience!



Internship and Work Placement Manager

* Survey sources:

  • Placement survey by the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles)
  • Survey conducted by telephone
  • Declaring profiles on professional social networks