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Encouraging incubation

Encouraging incubation

A step toward entrepreneurship

L’École de design pushes students and alumni to adopt and apply an entrepreneurial stance, as well as implement the tools necessary to nurture and nourish their innovative projects. Incubation centers target very new companies or those still in start-up mode, and offer a range of appropriate services (web hosting, advisory or funding support).

Depending upon the graduates’ projects, the Internship and Business Relations Cluster steers project-owners toward the most appropriate individuals and incubation centers. Other projects head into incubation even within L’Ecole de design research laboratories.

Convincing examples

In 2013, four of our graduates joined incubation centers:

- Thomas Dupeyrat and Thomas Busson (2011 alumni) integrated the incubator of L’Ecole des Mines Nantes, with which the school signed a partnership agreement. CITT accompanied them in the launching of their company, Atelier Iceberg, specialized in information visualization and training on information-mapping. Atelier Iceberg officially saw the day on January 1, 2013.

Introduction of the Atelier Iceberg’s team

Heidi Ghernati (2009 alumnus) and Nicolas Cloarec (2010 alumnus) integrated the Atlanpole incubator for their project, Bakamap. The Bakamap solution is based on information analysis and temporal mapping, whose results help to track key players (competitors, suppliers, customers, etc.) and their interactions, technologies and geographic areas in order to unveil, pinpoint and assess the player-targeted markets, booming geographic areas and cutting-edge technologies across diverse sectors.

Demonstration taking a closer look at the documents featuring key technologies identified by the government

Internship and business relations Coordinator