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Alumni career paths
Designers’ career paths

Designers’ career paths

The measure of a successful school is the professional success of its alumni

The school’s responsibility lies in preparing students for their working life. The employment rate of 80% of young graduates is an important indicator of success and clearly shows that this effort to build bridges with the business community is paying off. Almost 20% of them begin their career internationally.

The school now numbers more than 3,250 graduates in all sectors. Be they in France or abroad, working for a company or agency, or having set up their own business, the career paths are many and varied.

A few examples:

Coralie Sabin, 2013 alumni, designer for Pinterest (San Francisco),
• Nadim Raad, 2013 alumni, and Andrews-Junior Kimbembe, 2009 alumni, UX designers at Google (California),
• Mathilde Fourreau, 2007 alumni, and Morgan Joubert, 2008 alumni, designers at PSA,
Anthony Bargain, 2011 alumni, Service Designer at the Val d’Oise Departmental Council,
• Mathilde Blanche, 2012 alumni, designer and founder of Homycat,
• Sandrine Bender, 2017 alumni, designer and co-founder of Meyko.

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Teaching programs linked to the corporate world

In order to guarantee the professional integration of the future designers it trains, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has ensured its teaching programs include close links with companies (internships, work-study programs, workshops, etc.)

A range of measures to better equip students for finding a job:

• CV, Linkedin profile, cover letter and portfolio workshops are organized regularly during their degree course,
• Workshops on interview technique in the workplace are given in French and English for international internships,
• Improvisation workshops for Bachelor’s (BDes) students to help develop self-confidence and public speaking,
• Workshops on “Know yourself better to present yourself better” are delivered to Master’s (MDes) students to help fine-tune their career plans,
• Wage negotiation workshops,
• Workshops on employment contracts and the art of networking.

The aim is to prepare students efficiently and effectively to define their career plan, deal with recruitment interviews, put together a persuasive application, try out their arguments and understand the recruiter’s questions and their implications.

Promoting incubation: a step towards becoming an entrepreneur

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique encourages its students and graduates to develop an entrepreneurial approach and has set up support systems to incubate innovative projects. In conjunction with several incubators, the school offers a series of tailor-made services, including assistance in the form of hosting, consultancy and funding.

The Internship and Careers Center steers students with business ideas toward the most appropriate individuals and incubation centers. Certain projects are even incubated in the Design Labs at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Workshops on setting up a business are also on offer to future entrepreneurs. In March 2017, the school signed a partnership agreement with Baker Tilly Strego, a firm of accountants specialized in supporting executives and those who set up and take over businesses.

The goal: help bring out and develop our students’ entrepreneurial spirit through useful advice, interviews and crash tests on end of studies projects by Master’s students with business ideas.


Maud Meudic
Internship and Work Placement Manager