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Available programs for exchange students


Only students from our partner schools are allowed to apply for an exchange program.

International Class / 3rd year of undergraduate studies

Students must have completed at least two years of studies in either product, spatial, UI/UX design or multimedia to join the International Class.

Exchange students enrolled in one of the three programs follow compulsory courses and have to choose elective courses to obtain 30 ECTS.

For optional classes, we cannot guarantee a place for each student before the start of the semester.
All programs are equivalent to the 3rd-year level of our 3-year curriculum.

Exchange students can enroll in the International Class and choose one of the following programs, depending on their profile :

DN MADE Retail & Interior Design

For students with a background in spatial design, interior design or scenography

This option aims to explore the relationships between the services resulting from all new human activities (commercial or otherwise) and the buildings, interior and exterior spaces that define the environment of these activities and the objects that result from them.

Consult the course list for the first semester of the 3rd year of DN MADE / Retail & Interior Design

DN MADE Industrial Products
For students with a background in industrial or product design

This design approach focuses on industrial design. A wide array of tools used in industry must be used to create products and services that are centered on the user, his environment and his expectations. In this way the designer can use his know-how to help companies design and manufacture products which take into account the needs and expectations of their users.

Consult the course list for the first semester of the 3rd year of DN MADE / Industrial Products

DN MADE Digital Media Design

For students with a background in graphic design, interaction design or multimedia design

This program offers services in digital interactive media (web, interactive terminals, video, animation, computer graphics) through a user-centered approach.

Consult the course list for the first semester of the 3rd year of DN MADE / Digital Media Design


Postgraduate level

MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France

Exchange students may enroll in the MDes Le Studio France and join the first semester (September to January) of the 1st year of postgraduate studies.

To join this master program as an exchange student, candidates must have completed a bachelor (three or four years) in either product design, space design, graphic design or interaction design.

MDes Le Studio France

This program encourages the exploration of the french culture within an applied, interdisciplinary context.
Students will be able to choose to work on projects linked to one of these 5 topics, attached to our 5 Design Labs:

  • Care Design: focusing on how to provide creative, innovative and sustainable solutions to contemporary social issues.
  • Food Design: focusing on how to feed more than 7 billion humans in a sustainable way and promote food that is good for health and the environment.
  • City Design: focusing on how design must deal with the evolution of our built environment and the urban transformations
  • Media Design: focusing on how to tell the real and make the truth tangible through data visualization
  • Digital Design: Explore the interactions between humans and machines in the digital world, the rise of artificial intelligence and the quality of user experience

Consult the MDes course outline and awarded ECTS credits
Consult the MDes course description