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Student associations

Differents associations, independent of the school, were created by and for the students.

Alumni association is dedicated to former students from L’École de design. It aims to enhance them by highlighting their path and creating a supportive network for the exchange of expertise.

Bureau des arts (BDA)
The « bureau des arts » (office of the Arts) offers plastic and artistic activities outside of school such as photography workshops, screen printing, drawing bases development, and a discovery or rediscovery of music, theater or dance.

Bureau des étudiants
The student union within the school is called the BDE (Bureau des Etudiants). The BDE organize a number of parties, sporting events and cultural activities for French and international students year-round. A group within the BDE deals specifically with international students. They organize activities but also ensure international students are integrated into all the school activities. They communicate in English via a dedicated Facebook page set up for international students. The BDE international group will present these activities and events to international students during their integration week.

Bureau des sports
The “bureau des sports” (sports office) provides access to a sporting activity at low cost to students of the school with a weekly sports session at the gym Polytech, and also organizes throughout the year various sporting events.

23 g is an association for all students wishing to develop their creativity and exchange ideas about graphic design. It allows them to express themselves outside of school through projects, wether professional or related to a cultural activity between members.