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The school environment

The school is located on the Île de Nantes, in the heart of the Quartier de la création, a center of excellence in the cultural and creative industries.

The building and its facilities allow future designers from all over the world to benefit from a high level of training within a creative and multicultural campus of 5,000 students in close connection with its ecosystem.

This unique site offers a working area of almost 11,500 m2, in a building specially designed to meet the school’s needs and which represents the largest real estate investment in France in the last ten years in the field of design.

L’École de design is situated 61 boulverad de la Prairie au Duc and is open to students from Monday to Friday, from 7:45 am till 10pm.
Students have access to all classrooms and workshops, except when these one are not available during regular teaching classes.

More information about our new building

A new building, more opportunities for creativity

Nouveau bâtiment de L'École de design Nantes Atlantique - Work in progress

- a total surface of 11,600 m²
- 700 m² of model-making workshop: machine workshops, ceramics, resin/molding, flexible materials, painting booth, publishing/screen-printing space, laser cutting and 3D printers
- Media studios (sound, filming, motion capture, digital workshop) for media production and digital experimentation
- More than 120 computer workstations in Mac and PC environments, and rooms equipped with Cintiq screens
- A Learning Lab: a space for educational experimentation for students and teaching teams
- Design Labs to connect research, training and innovation
- A 180-seat conference room
- Project studios with 20 to 40 seats
- Plastic creation rooms
- Classroom facilities for lectures
- A cafeteria where students can eat and rest

The BDE (students office) provides a subscription to a copy machine/ printer. It is also possible to print on plotter with the supervision of the sound & video studios coordinator; rates are available from the BDE.

Dedicated equipment for the MDes programs in the Design Labs: experimental kitchen for the Food Design Lab, various digital devices (Oculus Rift, NAO robot, multitouch table…) for the Digital Design Lab.

Eating on campus

The school is located 100 meters from a University Restaurant (RU). There are other CROUS cafeterias in Nantes, ask the CROUS for a list.
Student cafeterias in France are run by the « Centres Régionaux des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS »)
The CROUS sells subsidized meal vouchers (tickets restaurants) to students for €3.30/ticket

The creative district of Nantes also offers other possibilities : restaurants, fast-foods, kebab, pizzerias and food trucks.
Most of students prefer to bring their own food. The cafeteria, where students can eat and rest, is equipped with microwave ovens, vending snack and offers outdoor access for sunny days.

Student associations

The student union within the school is called the BDE (Bureau des Etudiants). The BDE organizes events, sports and cultural activities throughout the year for French and international students. It is particularly active at the beginning of each school year to welcome new students to the school.

A group within the BDE is specifically in charge of foreign students: it organizes activities and makes sure that all are integrated into the school’s activities.

The Alumni Association
Alumni is the association dedicated to the former students of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. It aims to promote them by highlighting their careers and creating a network of exchange and expertise. It has a community platform: We design.