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Life in Nantes

Nantes, the creative capital of Western France

Nantes, the 6th biggest city in France is located 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean and 342 km from Paris (a two-hour trip with the TGV high speed train). The Nantes Saint-Nazaire metropolis has 850,000 inhabitants, 35% of them being under 25 yers old.

Nantes is the second most dynamic city in France for job creations and the 1st for jobs in the digital economy. It was awarded the Smart City and French Tech labels.

Also well recognized for its quality of life, Nantes was mentioned as the "Best place to live in Europe" by TIME Magazine in 2004 and was awarded the title of Green Capital of Europe in 2013.

Nantes, a city where art is everywhere

Nantes stands out on the national and European stage through its exemplary cultural policy. The city that was home to Jules Verne, and that inspired the Surrealists and Jacques Demy, continues to feed the dreams of contemporary artists, like the international street theatre company Royal de Luxe, Dominique A, Madeon, and Christine and the Queens, all of whom find their natural inspiration here.

Especially in Nantes, where one can drift down a street from a public work of art to a remarkable example of the city’s architectural heritage, or from artist-revamped shop signs to contemporary buildings. All you have to do is follow the green line on the ground to discover the essential spots along this cultural itinerary. Every summer, this circuit is revived and expanded with temporary or definitive public art installations.

As a city filled with art and history, Nantes possesses: 1 national theatre, 36 theatres and concert venues, including the Zénith Nantes Métropole, the only Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery in France, a 20-meter tall ocean-themed Carrousel des Mondes Marins, 14 museums, the Estuaire Nantes <> Saint-Nazaire open-air museum, as well as a dozen festivals (La Folle Journée, Les Rendez-vous de l’Erdre, Scopitone, le Festival des 3 continents…) and more. It goes without say that Nantes is alive with art and culture! (source: Nantes Tourisme)

The city of Nantes offers many artistic and cultural events throughout the year, for more information, take a look at the events calendar.