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Faculty and partners

The teaching staff

The educational team at the Studio Montréal is made up of Francophone professionals, from France or Quebec, working in the Montreal region. Business leaders, freelancers, agency-based or consultant artistic directors, the profiles of the professionals who supervise projects and lessons are varied. This multi-disciplinary element is an integral part of the Studio Montréal’s International Design Strategy MDes program and its strong professional emphasis.

The students are encouraged to mix with and learn from experts in multiple domains (social, innovation, research, etc.) so that they can expand the scope of their methodological, technical and project management skills in design. They will have the chance to put these skills into practice through projects and seminars on themes rooted in topical local issues.

“Mini startup” project supervised by Kurt Hibchen and Olivier Bruel
  • Educational coordinator: Julie Le Ster (product Designer)
  • “Mini startup” seminar: Kurt Hichen (Industrial Designer and co-founder of Toboggan Design) and Olivier Bruel (freelance Graphic Designer)
  • End of studies project: Laurent Carrier (Industrial Designer and co-founder of Toboggan Design) and François Longpre (UX/UI Designer, teacher at INIS)
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Christophe Charbault (Designer and Consultant in Technology & Innovation) and Luc Giguère (Entrepreneur in residence at Centech and Teacher at ETS)
  • Dissertation preparation: Emilie Choquet (freelance copy Editor, Proofreader, Translator)
  • Intellectual property: Charles Daoust and Frédéric Letendre (Lawyers at Yulex)
  • Methodology seminar: Adélie Dautriche (prospective innovation & Design Thinking Project Manager)
  • Design and Complexity project: Benoit Giguère (Vice-President, creation and content at BrandBourg Marketing & Design and President of the SDGQ) and Oxana Krasnoff (spatial Designer at Jean Delessard Designers Créatifs and David Crevier, Master Gardener)
  • Innovation seminar: Magali Pelletier (Strategy in product innovation at Stratégie MP) and Rebecca Van Der Mije (Packaging Designer and Founder of Good Nood)
  • Research seminar: Julie Royer (Graphic Designer and Lecturer at Laval University)

The Studio Montréal partners

The Studio Montréal’s main partner is Centech: this incubator offers design students the opportunity to work with the startups that they incubate, but also with the whole of its ecosystem. They also have the chance to work with local design firms, like the Toboggan Design Studio or Montreal-based mobility initiatives like Jalon Montréal.

Canada is a very attractive country for French professionals, particularly in the design sector – Montreal was designated UNESCO City of Design in 2006 – and more specifically in the sector of digital technologies. With an unemployment rate of 5.3%, Quebec is the professional alternative favored by many French people, including a considerable number of alumni from L’École de design in Nantes, who represent a community of around 40 people.


The students have the opportunity to work in an enriching professional environment, particularly in state-of-the-art technology startups where they often do internships.

Startups in advanced technology:

In the aerospace industry:

In agricultural technology:

In construction technology:

In industry 4.0:

In medical technology:

They also have the possibility of doing internships in Canadian and international corporations which have recently moved to Centech, such as Drakkar.


Julie Le Ster
Master’s Program Coordinator - Studio Montréal

(+1) 514 582 5782
1000 rue St Jacques
Montréal QC H3C 1G7