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The Studio Montréal

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s permanent branch in North America

The Studio Montréal is L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s international studio in North America. Since September 2018, it has hosted the International Design Strategy MDes program.

Exploring Montréal by bike during Fresher’s week

MDes International Design Strategy Montreal: A two-year program in French to learn all about entrepreneurship

This program is tailored to immerse students in the field of technological entrepreneurship so that they understand its inner workings and peculiarities. With a strong professional emphasis, this program taught in French alternates periods of internship in a company and courses.

Design students will be immersed in the startups of the 8th best incubator in the world: Centech, or Zú, a creative incubator at the heart of the future of entertainment.

Centech is a world-class incubator dedicated to deeptech companies with high growth potential that stand out in the fields of medical technologies, microelectronics and other smart objects, among others. The Centech has the opportunity to host in its premises the innovation cells of Canadian and international corporations with which the students will be able to collaborate.

 supports and propels creative entrepreneurs using technology to develop products and content that revolutionize the cultural, creative and entertainment industries by generating innovative projects and world-class intellectual properties

This Master’s program is open to students from all backgrounds (interaction design, product design, interior design, graphic design, etc.) who have completed three years of undergraduate studies. Due to regulations governing immigration, only students of nationalities benefitting from the EIC program (International Experience Canada), young professional permit, are eligible to join the Studio Montréal.

Students at work for the Drakkar corporation (photo credits: Chloé Verron)

Montreal – millenials’ first choice of city on the American continent

Montreal is a very appealing city and was ranked 2nd dream city in the world in 2018 for millennials. It is thanks to its tolerant attitude to immigration, its openness to diversity, its many festivals, its affordable housing and its dynamic ecosystem of startups that the city has been propelled to 2nd place worldwide just behind Berlin.

Quebec is a very attractive option for the French-speaking community: the number of French people living in the province has almost doubled since 2005 and is constantly on the increase. It’s the excellent quality of life and the simplicity of setting up a company which make this region so appealing, particularly Montreal, which is home to 70% of the French-Canadian community.

Photo credits: Chloé Verron

An international program focused on innovation and entrepreneurship

In 2021 the Studio Montréal welcomed 36 students for the International Design Strategy MDes program.

Located on a campus combining technology and entrepreneurship, the program is designed to immerse students in the field of technological entrepreneurship so that they understand its inner workings and peculiarities. With a strong professional emphasis, this French language MDes is a cross between a work-study program and academic training.

A professionalizing program

Year 1
The first year takes place entirely in the Studio Montréal. Thanks to a program alternating work experience and lessons, the student designers will be immersed in startups based in the world’s 8th best incubator: the Centech. The premises of this tech incubator house the innovation units of Canadian and international firms with whom students have the opportunity to collaborate.

Year 2
The first eight months of the second year of MDes are organized in the same way as the first year, alternating periods of work experience and classes. With this internationally oriented professional experience in hand, students will then have the chance to carry out their end of studies internship in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Julie Le Ster has been responsible for the Studio’s pedagogy in Montreal since June 2018


Julie Le Ster
Master’s Programs Course Leader - Studio Montréal

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