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India Studio Office

The India Studio has access to the MIT Institute of Design (MIT ID) facilities and has a dedicated studio in its campus in the outskirts of Pune. There are more than 1200 students in the MIT ID, currently enrolled in various Bachelor’s and Master’s programs such as UX design, product design, transportation design, fashion design, film & video design and more. MIT ID’s international and industrial networks are India’s best developed.


MIT Institute of Design: a studio for teaching and practising design

The MIT Institute of Design itself is part of a larger campus which includes more higher educational institutes like Engineering, Performing Arts, etc, as well as a hospital, a school and a vast sports complex that all students can enjoy.

The India Studio has access to MIT Institute of Design’s library, printing shop, stationary shop, co-working spaces, conference halls, computer labs and different workshops for different materials and machines.
A viable Wi-Fi network allows to connect to the Internet.

The presence of international lecturers gives the place a constant renewed interest and it is fairly usual to meet visitors from all over the world.


Moving by your own means is an advantage if you want to enjoy all the possibilities Pune has to offer. The MIT Institute of Design campus is located in the outskirts of the city and it is easy to commute with one of the many and very cheap cabs.

Many students prefer to live in the campus hostel to avoid transportation.

M.I.T. Institute of Design campus in Pune
Many facilities are available on M.I.T. Institute of Design campus
Students can enjoy the M.I.T. Institute of Design campus large sports complex