India Studio Office

The Design Village is hosted within the premises of ‘Archohm’ a well reputed Architecture and Design agency and ‘The Design Factory India’, a design consulting studio. Regular interactions with working professionals and insights onto projects running in the industry allows the India studio students to enhance their learning abilities.

Outdoor auditorium - The Design Village

The Design Village : un studio pour l’enseignement et la pratique du design

The students are required to take advantages of the design books available in the school’s library and work at the workshops located in and around The Design Village.

The students also have ample opportunities to take up freelance work during their academic year and are encouraged to participate in Design Competitions.

Library - The Design Village

The National Capital Region has a rich network of Public Transportation that the students can avail. The India studio is hosted at The Design Village, located in the heart of the Industries in Noida Sector 8. Its close proximity to the Delhi Metro, offers an excellent means of transport for anyone to explore the NCR with ease. Lodging can be arranged either in shared accommodation near the school or at a location that is more popular with foreigners (South Delhi).

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