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Faculty & partners of the India Studio

Hélène Thébault

International Design Strategy India Campus MDes program Head of Studies



Faculty Members

Hélène Thébault - Head of Studies India Studio

Marion Jhunja - Thesis supervisor (Visual Communication designer, IDC School of Design, IIT Mumbai)

Ripul Kumar - Design Research (User Experience designer & researcher)

Anjeli Singh - Design Research (Hureo, Pune)

Michael Blackmore - English

Ishita Mehra - Hindi

Pushkar Ingale - Innovation (Cohesive Design Lab, Pune)

Amit Inamdar - Innovation (Industrial Design Consultant, Educator & Social Entrepreneur, Pune)

Binil Mohan - Design and Interculturality Workshop (Lead - Craft Incubator and Ecosystem Development at IICD - Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur)

Balchandra Kadu - Initiation to craft techniques (Master copper craftsman, Revati Metal Crafts, Pune)

Kawal Oberoi - Atelier book design (Graphic Designer, Symbiosis, Pune)

Manojna Yeluri - Intellectual Property & Law (Artistik License, Bangalore)


Guest Lecturers

Hugo Pilate - Design Research/Design Fiction

Shiraz Hussain - Artist, poet, illustrator, MFA Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi

Yogesh Dandekar - Sarg Design Studio, Pune

Dipendra Baoni - Lemon Design, Pune

Ashwin Chikerur - Vitamin-D Studio, Pune

Swati Janu - Social Design Collaborative, Community Architect, M.Sc. Sustainable Urban Development, Dept. of Continuing Education, University Of Oxford, UK

Shradha Jain - Board Game Editor, Founder of Studio Clock Works, MDes Film & Video Communication Design, National Institute of Design (NID)


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Business partners in India

The curriculum of the International Design Strategy India Studio MDes program is based on a strong relation with business and industries, through collaborative projects, internships and involvement of professional designers and lecturers from the most prestigious Indian and international companies and design studios.

Our industry partners in India - both local and international companies, but also 3rd sector organizations - which supply us with applied projects, staff, and jurors. With their help, we can often offer contacts for internships, and we schedule regular live projects with them. During the live projects, students usually work in teams, solving design problems stemming directly from an applied context, which means their work often sees realization.

The companies are covering all disciplines from product design to interior, graphic, and interaction design. Input from staff and industry-sourced advisors adds an element of guidance that regular industry projects do not benefit from, and define the added value of these projects for our industry partners, and for our students.

During the second half of the academic year, the companies take on a mentor role, sending project supervisors to discuss diploma project work with students individually, and guest speakers to illuminate various topics pertaining to design. They also provide the school, throughout the year, with qualified jurors who give input and mark the students work.

Our partners

Groupe Atlantic, Prithivi Tea Growers, Decathlon, EFD Induction, Embrace, Kenwood, Lumiplan, Samsung

Design agencies
Quicksand, Turian Labs, Ant Studio, Anthill Creations, Lemon Design, Vitamin-D Studio, Farside Collective, Wolffkraft Design Studio, SAR Studio, Gudgudee, Sangaru Design Studio, TIFA Working Studios, Cotton Rack, Raw Mango, Nor Black Nor White, Yellow Slice, Digital Impact Square (DISQ)

Higher education and research institutions
MIT Institute of Design


Hélène Thébault
India Studio Head of Studies
Mobile : +91 9998498551
Skype : helene.thebault