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Mobility for administrative and teaching staff

Two types of mobility are offered to staffs working in institutions:

Teaching mobility

Teaching staff can carry out teaching assignments in one of the European partner schools. Within Erasmus+ program, the length of mobility can vary between 2 days (8hrs of teaching minimum) and 2 months. The aim is to deliver courses include in the official program of partner institution.

Training mobility

This mobility concerns all the staff of a higher education institution (teaching staff, administrative and technical staff, etc.) It enables them to carry out a training mobility during a period ranging from 2 days to 2 months in an institution, a company or a training organization of another European country.
The member of staff then receives an “ allocation de mobilité” or mobility allowance.
Any teaching and company ‘s staff who is interested in a mobility project must first contact his manager to explain his motivation. Then, with his approval, he could contact the international coordinator, Zoe Lacey.