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Faculty and partners in China


Admin & university relations

Faculty members

Faculty members are from international backgrounds, local partner schools Teachers and professional Designers

• Christine Biancarelli, anthropologist
• Jing Rong Hou, anthropologist
• Francesca Valsecchi, Communication Design Researcher
• Stephen Graham, English Teacher
• John Villar, Architect
• Marc Ginestet, Architect
• Jean-Philippe Bonzon, Industrial Designer
• He Sheng, Interior Architect
• Dong Mi, Designer
• Fang JingFeng, Designer
• Hadas Zucker, Designer

Professional jury for the final defence of an end of studies project

China Studio Partners

The curriculum of the International Design Strategy China Studio MDes program is based on a strong relation with businesses and industries, through collaborative projects, internships and involvement of professional designers and lecturers from the most prestigious Chinese or International companies and design studios.

Our industry partners in China are both local and international companies, which supply us with applied projects, staff, and jurors. With their help, we can provide students with contacts for internships. It has also allowed us to schedule regularly live projects during which students usually work in teams, solving design problems stemming directly from an applied context, which means their work often sees realization.

The companies are covering all disciplines from product design to interior, graphic, and interaction design. Input from staff and industry-sourced advisors adds an element of guidance that regular industry projects do not benefit from, and define the added value of these projects for our industry partners, and for our students.

During the second half of the study year, the companies take on the role of a mentor, sending project supervisors to discuss diploma project work with students individually, and guest speakers to illuminate various topics pertaining to design. They also provide the school, throughout the year, with qualified jurors who give input and mark the students work.

Our partners

Companies we did partnership projects with (Long projects) the last 3 years:

  • Hisense (Home goods-Mass market-Integrated Design department)
  • Shanghai Shentong Metro Group (Subway company of Shanghai)
  • GE Healtcare (Health Care goods - Integrated Design department)
  • Kenwood (Japan) (Electronic/communication goods)
  • Yanfeng Jonhson Controls (BtoB retailer, car industry)
  • Malherbe Shanghai (Retail design)
  • XL+/ Design affairs (Product design agency - mass market, mostly electronic)
  • NAÇO Shanghai (Architecture/Interior/graphic and product design)
  • Group ADEO (Retailer, "do it yourself" market)
  • Goodbaby (childcare)
  • Kohler (health facilities)
  • Decathlon (sport facilities)
  • ShanHua (hospitality facilities)

Companies welcoming interns:

  • Kohler (Bathroom and kitchen goods)
  • Naço (Architecture/Interior/graphic and product design)
  • PEGA (Asus group) (Computer/electronic mass production product)
  • Atelier forever (Interior/Retail/Graphic/Product design)
  • Dedo Design (Architecture/Interior)
  • Mooma Design (Interior/product design)
  • Orange Lab (Telecommunication)
  • Point Tech (BtoB dealer, also production of urban bikes)
  • CBI (Design marketing research)
  • Black&Gold (Graphic design - mostly packaging, mass market)
  • Sina Retail (Retail design, specialized on Chinese market)
  • KRT (Architecture/interior design/Retail)
  • Coordination ASIA (Product/Interior design)
  • Progen Lab (Interaction design)
  • Reign Design (Games design)
  • Ming Group (Marketing/Interaction design)
  • Trigger Studio (Interior design)
  • EXH (Interior/Architecture design)
  • Cent Degrés Shanghai (Interior/Retail/Graphic/Product design)
  • Creativoo (Graphic/interior/Product design)
  • Must Production (Movies production for cinema/events...)
  • Nendo (Japanese designer, Product design)
  • Home Lights/Retail design Factory (Mass market design product)
  • LOE Design (Product/Interior design)
  • Mickael Young (Limited edition product design/Mass market product design)
  • Virtuach (Interaction design)
  • Lime 388 (Retail/Product design)

Companies supporting the school by sending lecturer/Jury members:

  • Autodesk
  • Point Tech
  • XL+/ Design affairs
  • Yanfeng Jonhson Controls
  • NAÇO Shanghai
  • CBI
  • HP
  • Continuum (Design research/Consulting)
  • Teams Design (Design research/Product design)
  • Frog Design (Design research/Consulting)


Nathalie CIPRIAN,
Director of postgraduate studies


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