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China Studio Office

Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Shanghai

The China Studio has a dedicated studio at the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University, at the heart of a creative industry dedicated bulding complex.

The China Studio is a dedicated 300 sq meters living space & workplace

A dedicated design studio within the Academy of Fine Arts of Shanghai University

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s China Studio is integrated into the Academy of Fine Arts in the building complex of Sheng Park. With its dedicated surface of 300m2, the China Studio has a private living space, 2 classrooms, a model workshop and offices. Meeting rooms and relaxing space are shared with the Academy of Fine Arts.

Close to Shanghai city center, the access to site is easy and catering facilities are available at a stone throw away from the Studio. Good quality and variety food is very afordable.

Shanghai has a excellent public transport service and there are many housing solutions in Shanghai.

The China Studio has access to the shared spaces of the Academy of Fine Arts
The China Studio has its own permanent model workshop
Shanghai has a modern and reliable public transport infrastructure