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Study in São Paulo

São Paulo: a global metropolis in a continent-sized country

In the age of globalization, Brazil is a “Land of contrasts”. Representing nearly 13 times the area of France, it constitutes a real cultural border made of opportunities and challenges.
A cultural and economic capital, São Paulo is a vibrant megalopolis with over 20 million inhabitants divided between its neighborhoods like so many cosmopolitan villages.
Students will primarily be living and working in the neighborhoods of Higienopolis, Bela VistaVila Madalena or Pinheiros which are some of the liveliest and most popular. Given the size and scale of the city, each district has its own unique characteristics which makes São Paulo a one-of-a-kind playground and field of investigation.

Living and studying in São Paulo

With a hundred or so museums, countless arts centers and festive events (including the carnival) throughout the year, living in this multi-faceted megacity is a rewarding and unique experience.
São Paulo may well be a cosmopolitan city, but speaking Portuguese on a daily basis is essential. Being fully immersed in the country and with lessons each semester, students will quickly develop a good level of Portuguese.

With a choice of “republicas” (a room in a private home), fully-equipped residences (swimming pool, gym, etc.) or student halls of residence, the accommodation in São Paulo is just as varied. Accommodation can be expensive but the cost of living is very reasonable.

Regarding the visa, you will have to take the following steps:

- Obtain a VITEM IV student visa by making an appointment at the consulate
- Fill in the visa application file beforehand (a document detailing the procedure and required documents will be given to enrolled students before their departure)
- Once you arrive in Brazil you will have to register with the Brazilian Federal Police to obtain the administrative documents required for your residency (but again you will receive help and guidance as to the steps to be taken).

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