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Brazil Studio faculty and partners

Workshop Innovation with Accor Hotels

Teaching staff

The team of teaching staff working in the Brazil Studio is made up of professors from Mackenzie Presbyterian University and Brazilian, French-speaking and international professionals working in Brazil. Business leaders, freelancers, agency-based or consultant project managers, the profiles of the professionals who supervise projects and lessons are varied. This multi-disciplinary element is an integral part of the Brazil Studio’s International Design Strategy MDes program which has a strong professional emphasis. The students are encouraged to mix with and learn from experts in multiple domains (social, innovation, research, etc.) so that they can expand the scope of their methodological, technical and project management skills in design. They will have the chance to put these skills into practice through projects and workshops on themes rooted in topical local issues.

Prospective project with The City on the Move Institute

The Brazil Studio partners

These projects and workshops are developed with professional or institutional partners. São Paulo is home to a huge number of international firms and brands (all of France’s top listed CAC 40 companies can be found in Brazil) which creates opportunities to work on projects where design and innovation are at the heart of a firm’s strategic process.

Many institutions, organizations or associations are also open to the idea of collaborating in order to bring a unique perspective and a fresh look to their activities.

The ecosystem of French professionals who are very well integrated in the various markets is the perfect illustration of this economic fabric and its latent dynamism. In these conditions, the students have access to a wealth of opportunities for finding internships and also for being recruited at the end of their studies. The skills and international experience gained during their training in the Brazil Studio gives them a profile which is highly valued by local and international companies.


• Educational Coordinator
Benjamin Gagneux (Designer, co-Founder of the Vibe’s project)
• Methodology seminar:
Ivan Luchini (Designer, Partner and Managing Director at Insitum), Marcelo Fagundes (Designer, Associate Partner at Insitum), Julien Sappa (Visual Designer, Founder/Creative Director at Regular Switch)
• Innovation seminar:
Fabien Eychenne (Geographer, co-Founder and Director of We Fab)
• Specific seminar (transculturality):
Fernando Mascaro (Architect, Design Consultant)
• Research seminar:
Ivo Pons (Designer, Professor at Mackenzie, Founder of Scipopulis)
• Long project:
Stéphane Méheux (Strategy Designer, Head of Innovation at Chazz)
Benjamin Gagneux (Designer, co-Founder of the Vibe’s project)
• Prospective project:
Luiza Andrada (Journalist, Director of The City on the Move Institute)
Olavo de Aranha (Designer, Professor at Mackenzie)
• End of studies project:
Marcelo Oliveira (Industrial Designer, Professor at Mackenzie)
Benjamin Gagneux (Designer, co-Founder of the Vibe’s project)
• Introductory dissertation workshop:
Nara Marcondes (Designer, Professor at Mackenzie)
Teresa Ricetti (Designer and Researcher, Professor at Mackenzie)
• Intellectual property
Tiphaine des Déserts (former Lawyer and Member of the Paris bar, Director of the Obliqua Gallery)
• Management
Arthur d’Hauteville (Graduate from HEC Paris in finance and financial management services, Partner at Haritz Capital)