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The Brazil Studio site

A campus in the heart of São Paulo

The Brazil Studio is based on the Mackenzie Presbyterian University’s historic campus of Higienopolis. Like a small city in the city, this campus combines history and technology and gives students optimal living conditions as close as you can get to the cultural and professional heart of São Paulo. Green spaces, food courts, banks, playing fields, a library… The secure campus is an absolutely fantastic setting for studying. And since the beginning of 2018, it has been served by a subway stop which links it to the rest of the main districts and places of interest in the city

Resources shared with the Faculty of architecture and urban planning at Mackenzie

The Brazil Studio is housed in the Faculty of architecture and urban planning (FAU) at Mackenzie, one of the most renowned in the country. The students have access to exceptional facilities (workshops for ceramic, metal, wood, 3D printing or laser cutting). There is also a 26m² space reserved for students on the Brazil Studio program enabling them to work in total autonomy on the campus.

A real mix of French and Brazilian students

One of the specificities of Brazil Studio is the mix of its students. The students of L’École de design are brought to collaborate with Brazilian students on certain projects or workshops. This operation implies adaptations, especially cultural ones, regarding the course of the program on site. For example, the vast majority of Brazilian students are, for the most part, working in companies at the same time as their studies. Therefore, classes are currently held in the morning only. This rhythm also allows the students of L’École de design to complete their professional experience by doing additional internships in agencies at the same time as their studies.

Since 2019, the program is also open to students from French partner schools. This partnership takes the form of a university exchange that allows French and Belgian students to come and complete the first semester of M1 within the Brazil Studio. This mix allows for a diversity of student profiles and an interaction and confrontation of methodologies always very rich in the context of a professional training.

This feature is an added opportunity for the students who will have the chance to mix with students from another culture and from a different training background.