Brazil Studio

L’École de design’s office in São Paulo.

After Shanghai and Delhi, L’École de design is opening a new studio in São Paulo with its first students arriving in August 2017.

For the past 10 years, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has been developing an international training program which is both unique and exemplary, by establishing Master’s programs in Transcultural Design in various mega-cities.

A playground for designers in South America’s biggest city

São Paulo is the biggest city in the southern hemisphere with 22 million inhabitants, and is the centre of Brazil’s economic and financial activities. It has a particularly interesting learning environment due to its wealth of different cultures (indigenous, European, African, North American and even Japanese, with Saõ Paulo boasting the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan with 1 million inhabitants). Recently accredited with the French Tech label, Saõ Paulo is a creative, hyperactive, seductive and friendly city, with an abundance of agencies specializing in design, architecture, communication (Brazil has the second largest advertising market after the United States), events and innovation.

The program will be set within the framework of a partnership with one of the oldest universities in America, MacKenzie Presbyterian University, founded nearly 150 years ago.

The first 15 French students to attend have joined the faculty of architecture and urban planning, on a campus ideally located in the heart of the city. The two-year program allows them to work with Brazilian students from the School of Design at MacKenzie University, in a trilingual program (French, English, Portuguese). Students will have to complete an internship in a local company in order to optimise their international experience.

Mackenzie Presbyterian University campus