Student projects

Newater Delhi

#india #transcultural design #exhibition #postgraduate studies

The project seeks to recycle waste water from buildings using micro-algae and thus provide access to drinking water and produce energy from organic matter. Cellular trays are installed on a bamboo structure which thermally insulates the building.


Tomorrow’s tobacconist

#postgraduate studies #urban design #business services #projects

Presentation of the "Le récréatif" project to provide a new consumer experience for customers and new ways of working for tobacconists.


Dysland Quest

#health and social innovation #postgraduate studies #exhibition #event

Intended for children with dyslexic difficulties, Dysland Quest is a board game designed to help motivate children to do their homework. Through the exploration and redefinition of the user experience, homework becomes fun.


Take me away

#transcultural design #postgraduate studies #india #exhibition

Take me away is a portable tea-making machine which conserves the health benefits of tea, ensuring the user’s well-being all day long. Economical and easy to use, the machine is programmable and controls all the factors needed to prepare the perfect cup .


News & Testimonies

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Focus on the 2016 digital festival EYEO


The 6th edition of the Eyeo festival was held in June 2016 in Minneapolis. Paul Bouisset, then in the 2nd year of the UX Design/ Tangible Interfaces Master’s program, was working there as a volunteer.


Jérémy Godefroid, 2007 alumni, Play-Doh TOUCH project


Jérémy Godefroid, lead visual, UI & UX designer for the international Swedish agency USTWO talks about his experiences abroad, particularly in Japan, and the development of the Play-Doh TOUCH project.


The school takes part in the 2017 International Design Biennial in Saint-Étienne


Exhibition of work by Care and Digital Culture students at the Saint-Étienne International Design Biennial from March 27 to April 2 2017 on the theme of “Reconnect” – well-balanced work.