Teaching Approach

We employ a two-fold approach involving both theoretical and practical training in collaboration with companies, competitiveness clusters, or university research laboratories. Additionally, students are required to prepare a final degree project pertaining to their chosen subject.

Throughout this lengthy process, our students profit from the advice and guidance of our network of experts in design, industry and research, as well as other professionals.

Semester 1: Integration, internship or exchange

Students who did not do their undergraduate studies at the École de design, be they French or foreign, are required to complete an “integration semester.” This program, which lasts four months, is designed to assist them in adapting to their new cultural and study environment, using a multidisciplinary approach. They are also informed of the specific work methods of the school.

Teaching methods include workshops in methodology and creativity, projects involving our industry partners and marketing courses, as well as English and/or French language courses.

Students having completed their undergraduate studies at the École de design Nantes Atlantique will spend their first semester abroad, either as an exchange student or on an internship as a junior designer.

All students enrolled in Transcultural Design are required to take a two-week orientation seminar followed by an internship, preferably in China or India, depending on the chosen course of study.

Semester 2: Subject-related Projects

During this semester students learn to: manage complex design projects; broaden their knowledge of the economic, social and cultural aspects of their chosen program; create and apply a methodology; and prepare their end-of-study project, the subject of which they decide themselves, depending on their chosen field of study.

Teaching is carried out in the form of projects in collaboration with industry partners, workshops, lectures, conferences and professional encounters. These projects include the following subjects: design, law, accounting and management, initiation to research, end-of-study project and dissertation preparation, participation in a design contest, methodologies, innovation, English and/or French, and courses related to the chosen MDes program.

Semester 3: Final degree Project

Continuation and finalization of the final degree project which brings together all of the professional skills acquired. This can be carried out in collaboration with either a partner company and/or research laboratory of a partner university.

Supervision is ensured by means of workshops lead by an appointed design consultant, who is backed up on occasion by external contributors.

Semester 4: Internship

The study program is finalized with a four to six month internship within a company, either in France or abroad. Interns work as junior designers and are responsible for either an entire project, or part of a project.

For more information, please consult the Course outline.

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