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Postgraduate studies in English

Putting the designer at the heart of key issues in our societies

All the MDes programs offered by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique lead to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education and the award of "Grade de master". The MDes programs constitute the educational component of our innovation and design centers.

L’École de design offers an MDes International Design Strategy program specially tailored for students from all over the world who want to integrate our MDes in Nantes, and 4 others MDes International Design Strategy programs within our International Studios.

Our MDes programs taught in English are open to all students holding a bachelor’s degree in design.

L’École de design also offers MDes programs taught in French.

Our international MDes programs, taught in English and specially tailored for students holding a Bachelor’s Degree in design from all over the world who want to integrate our MDes in Nantes:


MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France

This program entirely taught in English encourages the exploration of French culture in an applied interdisciplinary context, and offers a great opportunity to carry out design projects in a multicultural context.

Within this program, students will work on projects linked to our 5 topics, attached to our Design Labs: Care Design, City Design, Food Design, Digital Design or Media Design.

Specifically tailored for international students who hold a Bachelor degree in design or equivalent, this program allows a good integration and a better approach of the methodology as taught at school through design practices.


MDes International Design Strategy / Brazil Studio

Located in the heart of a downtown campus, the Brazil Studio offers a bilingual program that allows an accelerated acculturation the Portuguese language and the Brazilian context. This MDes program deals with topics related to social and environmental issues

Program in partnership with Mackenzie University


MDes International Design Strategy / China Studio

Throughout this program, students will learn to decipher the local behaviors and understand the Chinese market to offer a coherent project, adapted to users, with an anthropological approach to design.

Program in partnership with the Fineart college of Shanghai University


MDes International Design Strategy / India Studio

India Studio offers students a unique opportunity to specialise in Social Innovation and Design Thinking. In India, students experience design practice as a positive social lever on everyday life and in the professional world, with a global approach.

In Partnership with MIT Pune


MDes by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique: Why choose one of our programs?

Completing a Master’s degree program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique means:

  • the certainty of obtaining a nationally-recognized qualification*
  • for the majority of programs, the possibility of following your chosen MDes program in English or French
  • a strong grounding in the professional world through the innovation and design centers and their corporate partnerships, access to an alumni network, and participation in international design competitions
  • a gateway to the world of research thanks to the centers’ research component: the Design Labs
  •  the possibility of gaining a double degree in management or engineering
  • the guarantee of specializing in an innovation-based sector and gaining the management skills necessary to beginning a successful career as a young designer

* Diploma certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, giving it the exact same credentials and market value as University degrees (“Master 2.”) The school also applies the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which is recognized throughout Europe. As an officially certified degree, it should also be recognized in most countries around the world.