* Design pour une innovation créative

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Digital Culture

The Digital Culture MDes programs rely on the READI Design Lab (applied experimental research and interaction design laboratory) to explore the evolutions of uses allowed by digital innonvations.

Lola Feldmab / Mo / Positive pedagogy application for spelling

MDes Information Design

The Information Design program explores the emerging challenges presented by the exponential production of data, from graphic representation to the conceptualization of innovative services based on data, information and knowledge. 

It uses principles resulting from studies carried out in visual identity, and more particulary in graphic semiotics, signage and cartographic representations of information.

Areas of application:

  • Strategic monitoring
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Data-journalism
  • Creation of innovative services
Manon Le Coent / Fruidge / Smart preservation module

MDes Tangible UX Design

This MDes program explores the concept of tangibility and materiality of the information for the conception of innovative products and services, in every area.

It is based on hybridization between objects, environments and information systems.

Areas of application:

  • Connected objects
  • Gaming applications
  • Work equipment
  • Mobile services
  • Pervasive computing
  • research on multisensory interfaces
  • Collaborative / Interactive work 
Quentin Le Pape / Geopolitics VR / Application in virtual reality that presents international news and global issues in a more accessible and memorable way

MDes Immersive UX Design

The ongoing evolution of knowledge and new technologies opens up extensive fields of action for experimenting new services and applications in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Areas of application:

  • Innovative design tools
  • Application for therapeutic use
  • Gaming products
  • All services and applications offering new ways of interacting and representational systems in a three-dimensional environment