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Workshop Offer

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Workshop offer

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique can provide a wide range of workshops organized by and hosted in one of our campuses in France, China or India.

Public: Design students and/or from any disciplines (Business, Engineer, Technology, Architect, Humanities...). Workshops include group projects on a specific design topic supervised by a designer, practical exercises and, when requested, time dedicated to leisure and tourist visits.

Content of the workshops can below are provided for reference and may be customized to the needs or goals of the partner institutions.


> Below is a non-comprehensive list of design workshops that can be provided by L’École de design.

A1. Design Principles and Methology
Work on a complete design project within one week using methodology tools and observation (on-fi eld research, analysis, ideation, prototyping).

A2. Food Design Workshop
Discover how design influences food and the way we eat. Food of the future, Brand, Image, Packaging, Graphism.

A3. UX Design workshop
Explore the fi eld of Interaction and User Experience Design. Experiment projects using Arduino programming, create digital interfaces

A4. Environmental and sustainable Design
Imagine scenarios to improve the quality of life and services in the cities.

A5. Space environment
Interieur architecture, Space design, Commercial design, Scenography.

A6. Design thinking
Design Management, strategic design, innovating by proposing new uses which can be delivered by products and/or services

A7. Dynamic Portfolio
How to prepare a portfolio using all supports to enter the most prestigious universities

> Practical information

Duration: 5 days (Monday to Friday, up to 30 hours of teaching)
Language: English or French
Period: June, July, End of August, February
Accommodation: can be included in the package
Cultural visits: can be included in the package
Cost: 450 euros/ Students. Special tariffs for groups or specific agreements

For any information, please contact L’École de design at

Admission requirements

> Participant profile


B1. Develop your creativity
Learn techniques that will boost your creativity and your ability to generate ideas.
Led by a designer experienced with teenagers, the workshop is focused on "design doing" (learning theory through practice and entertainment).

› Day 1: Getting to know each other (games encouraging teamwork), getting acquainted with creativity and global design
› Day 2: Defining a goal together, on-fi eld observation
› Day 3: Learning creativity techniques (through games) and brainstorming to generate ideas.
› Day 4: Prototyping the ideas with manual (Legos, playdough, cardboard...) and digital tools (tablets, 3D printing, Sketchup...)
› Day 5: Finalizing the prototypes and fi nal presentation as in a theater play.


C1. Mapping the City of Nantes
Children to observe the city and "map" this unknown environment, examine it by going on fi eld, using their senses (hearing, touch, smell...) and feelings (excitement, fear, surprise...), watch how people behave in the environment. A "map" using drawing and/or digital tools will be designed by the participants to represent their vision of the city. This workshop is proposed by a sociologist and adapted to young children.


International workshop: a week led by teachers from our partner schools

// 05/30/2022

The international workshop was held this year, from April 25 to 29. Our DN MADE Year 3 / International class students worked under the direction of international speakers that the school had the ...

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