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Continuing education module “service design / Design Thinking”

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How can you offer your users a better-quality user experience? How can you add value to the services you offer?

Design Thinking

Service design is a user-centered creative process intended to improve the user experience in market or public services.
Enhancing the quality of people’s everyday life by proposing more appealing service offers is becoming a strategic challenge for any organization.
This workshop lets you discover service design by taking part in a hands-on collaborative design experience. By studying a real case, the participants become familiar with service design tools such as the user path, which is ideal for putting yourself in the shoes of the project recipients, i.e. the users.


At the end of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Utilize the service design process to create a project methodology that can be applied in different contexts
  • Gain experience in service innovation through the discovery and practical application of the key principles of service design
  • Assess the user path or journey
  • Shift the focus of a project so that it includes and is attentive to the user
  • Create or improve the service in line with your practices
  • Test and prototype solutions
  • Use concrete examples to illustrate the use of creative tools that may be reused

Learning by doing

The school has always championed project-led teaching, the aim being to apply the knowledge transmitted to the learner and to test it in the context of a real project. This immersive approach encourages the use of methods and techniques, and develops soft skills such as empathy, creativity, team work and the Maker mentality. This pedagogical method, led by a designer, gives learners the confi dence to take a different approach to the innovation process and to embrace the concept of Design Thinking.

What is service design? (in French)

2 days (14 hrs)

Nantes or in-company

Forthcoming sessions:
10 and 11 September 2020
28 and 29 October 2020

Presentation of the “Service Design” module by Paul Juin, Designer and Trainer (in French)


Laura SEVO and Stéphanie LANDAIS
Continuing Education Officers
[t] +33 (0)2 51 13 50 70
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Day 1

  • Introduction to the principles and benefits of service design and collaborative design applied to an innovation process.
  • Presentation of a case study and analysis method
  • A few principles of field immersion
  • Internalizing real user practices together to rapidly identify relevant and exploitable knowledge
  • Inspirations and ideations: using the knowledge produced during the immersion phase to imagine a new user experience

Day 2

  • Problem setting – How could we…?
  • Discovery and explanation of tools specific to designing, prototyping and storytelling
  • Discussion and putting the innovation process in the context of a specific situation in the company or local authority

Admission requirements

Open to all.
The training program is aimed specifically at project managers, R&D, innovation, marketing, production, after-sales service, admin, finance staff, etc.

Teaching staff

All our Design Thinking training programs are run by professional designers.
For "Service design", the trainer is Paul Juin, designer, or Anne Giraud, consultant designer in creativity management.




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