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International Class - Undergraduate studies in English

  • // Initial Education

A one year international program to validate a bachelor level

The International Class welcomes French students and international students of various nationalities who wish to join a MDes program through the third (which is the last) year of Bachelor level studies.

Students are organized into one of four programs, depending on their previous studies:

Brand Design : graphic design and scenography students ;
Digital Media Design : graphic design and interaction design;
Industrial Products : for industrial and product design students ;
Retail & Interior Design : for space design, interior design and scenography students.

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The International Class courses are organized in two semesters. Students are enrolled in one of the three programs follow compulsory courses and have the possibility to follow elective courses (for exchange students)

Workshops are organized in Nantes, with internationa teachers from partner schools. They provide a project whose theme and methodology is specific to the school they come from.

> International Class / Brand Design

For students with a background in graphic design, product design or scenography.

Within this program, the designer aims to bring out the codes and the brand values throughout the production process by researching the formal or graphic vocabulary, materials and mediums which best represent the brand. The designer also has to take into account user-experience in terms of brand, competition and technology involved.

> International Class / Digital Media Design

For students with a background in graphic design or interaction design.

This program, through a conception centered on users, offers services in digital interactive media (web, interactive terminals, video, animation, infography).

> International Class / Industrial Products

For students with a background in industrial and product design.

This approach is centered on the industrial dimension of design. From the industrial expertise, the design of products made to serve the users, their environment and their expectations.

> International Class / Retail & Interior Design

For students with a background in space design, interior design and scenography.

This program focuses on all perennial spaces (commercial architecture, interior architecture, public space etc.) and temporary spaces (scenography, events etc.) using a user-centered approach.

> Course outline

Courses : 700 h per year
English courses
Written and spoken expression
Professional English
Art and Design history
Career building
Open Days workshop
Professional skills training
Bachelor project
Project management
Methodology workshop
Long project

For Brand Design
Narrative images
Graphic Design
Drawing on Cintiq tablets
Visual Arts
3DS Max
After effect

For Digital Media Design
Color drawing
Graphic Design
Infography in 3D
Real time 3D
Video prototyping
Advanced web

For Industrial Products
Use scenario
Product drawing
Drawing on Cintiq tablets
Visual Arts

For Retail & Interior Design
Narrative Images
Technical drawing
Drawing on Cintiq tablets
Visual Arts
3DS Max

For international students only
French language and culture

Elective courses
1st semester : Photography or Illustration
2nd semester : Solidworks, Technical drawing, Rough or 3DS Max

For optional classes, we cannot guarantee a place for each student before the start of the semester.

> Language

All classes and workshops are conducted in English. Therefore a basic command of this language is recommended.

Admission requirements


> Prerequisites

Full-year program
You may apply for the one-year undergraduate program taught in English, International Class, if you have completed a minimum of 2 years of undergraduate studies or validated 120 ECTS in one of the following fields:

  • spatial design or interior architecture
  • interaction design or multimedia design
  • product design or industrial design
  • graphic design or visual communication

2nd semester only
You may apply for the second semester of bachelor’s level studies in English at L’École de design if you have completed a minimum of 2.5 years of undergraduate studies or 150 ECTS (for European students) in one of the fields of design mentioned above.

In either case, it is possible to apply before actually having completed the required level of studies or ECTS. However, admission will only take effect once the degree is obtained or the credits have been validated.

Once accepted, students remain eligible for registration for one year.

Language requirements


All classes and workshops are conducted in English. Therefore a basic command of this language is recommended.

If you are not a native English speaker, we ask that you provide proof of your English proficiency (with a certificate such as TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge...). If you are not in possession of such a certificate, you may take an oral assessment by telephone or Skype with a professor from L’École de design.

We require no minimum level of English to apply. However, it is highly recommended that applicants have a good level of English (CEFR B2 if possible) for the following reasons:

  • these undergraduate courses are taught in English;
  • if you wish to continue your studies at the postgraduate level in one of MDes programs taught in English, you must be able to follow the courses and write your thesis in English;
  • if you wish to continue your studies at the postgraduate level, you must obtain a minimum level of 750 points at the TOIEC test (the equivalent of IELTS 5.5,TOEFL iBT 80 points, Cambridge FCE, CPE or CAE, Bulats 60 points) in order to be granted the Master’s Degree in Design from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique (Diplôme de design bac+5).


While not mandatory for the International Class, a certain command of French language is recommended for daily life in France and integration purposes. You will have to provide any certificate of French language you may already have or you can indicate your current level of French using the CEFR self assessment grid

However, students wishing to continue their studies at the master’s level in one of the programs taught in French will need a good command of both spoken and written French.

> Applications Procedure

Selection of applicants is done based on their registration form, application file, portfolio and interview.

The selection process is organized as follow:
1. online application and payment of the application fees,
2. sending all the required documents for application,
3. application file review,
4. if your application is accepted : invitation to an interview during which you will have to present your portfolio.

If you do not reside in France, this interview may be done by telephone or Skype.

> Tuition fees

Tuition fees 2016 : 6 900 € per year.

Apply to the International Class


If you want to apply as an exchange students, please see "Practical information and dates".



Teaching staff

Head of studies
Stéphane Gouret

Head of undergraduate studies
Nathalie Templier

Head of program
Luc Montessinos

International coordinator
Zoe Lacey

Assistant Head of program
Orianne Besnard

Job prospects and further education

Continuing your studies at L’École de design

Students having successfully completed this undergraduate program may continue their studies at a postgraduate level in one of our MDes programs.


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