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DN MADE : National Diploma in Fine Arts, Crafts and Design

What is a DN MADE ?

The DN MADE, National Diploma in Fine Arts, Crafts and Design is a state-controlled degree and leads to the award of an Undergraduate Diploma after three years of studies.

Depending on the speciality, holders of DN MADE can work as design assistants in a design studio, in agencies, in SME/SMIs, work as freelancers or access a job as a craftsman-designer mastering advanced techniques.

DN MADE promotes links between design/creation and production/manufacturing. Based on a common teaching base, training is built around project dynamics

DN MADE offered by L’École de design

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique offers 3 DN MADE programs organized over three years.
The first two years are entirely taught in French, therefore students holding a high school diploma and a French level B2 may join the first year.

In the 3rd year, students have the choice to continue in apprenticeship in French, or to study in English in an International Class.

This 3rd year International Class welcomes French and international students who have validated two years in design, and students from our partner schools for an academic exchange semester. Students are organized into one of three DN MADE programs, depending on their previous studies :

In both case, the validation of the 3rd year of DN MADE leads to the award of the same diploma.


Three main teaching areas

  • Generic Teaching Cultures and Humanities
  • Transversal teaching
  • Practical and vocational training

Projects lead students to discover the different phases of a design project and enable them to acquire methodological tools and technical and creative know-how.

Mention and minor are explored in a complementary way aiming to bring a complete and transversal vision to the student.

Apply in DN MADE

You may apply for the DN MADE 3rd year program taught in English if you have completed a minimum of 2 year of undergraduate studies or validated 120 ECTS in product design. Application can only be done online and the selection of applicants is done based on their registration form, application file, portfolio and interview.

Students who have validated a High school diploma and a level B2 in French may apply for the 1st year.