Digital Culture MDes Programs

The emergence and prolific diffusion of digital technologies has deeply modified the organization of our societies, industrial models, value chains and practical usage. The widespread use of networks and the prominence of the Internet in our daily lives, coupled with vast improvements in technological performance, provide designers with an abundantly fertile and stimulating environment. Forging this new digital culture ensures encountering diverse experiences and integrated skills, in order to provide innovative answers to these novel challenges.

Digital Culture, a complimentary set of programs geared towards digital innovation

Digital Culture, one of the school’s design and innovation centers, is dedicated to digital innovation. Based on an experimental platform for innovation by practical usage and information technology, namely the READi Design Lab (READi is our applied experimental research and interaction design laboratory), it opened in 2011 on our campus.

Digital Design master programs

MDes Digital Culture / Information Design

The evolution in the quantity and diversity of information available, especially since the advent of Web 2.0, implies the necessity for methods and tools to facilitate further evolution in the information technology environment.


MDes Digital Culture / Tangible UX Design

This MDes program Tangible UX Design explores the concept of tangibility and materiality of the information for the conception of innovative products and services, in every applications area. It is based on hybridization between objects, environments and information systems.


MDes Digital Culture / Immersive UX Design

The ongoing evolution of knowledge and new technologies opens up extensive fields of action for experimenting new services and applications in virtual reality and augmented reality.