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MDes - Postgraduate studies

Our MDes programs (postgraduate studies) are open to applicants who have completed at least 3 years of undegraduate studies in design.

All the MDes programs offered by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique lead to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education. The MDes programs constitute the educational component of our innovation and design centers.

Teaching Approach

We employ a two-fold approach involving both theoretical and practical training in collaboration with companies, competitiveness clusters, or university research laboratories. Additionally, students are required to prepare a final degree project pertaining to their chosen subject.
Throughout this lengthy process, our students profit from the advice and guidance of our network of experts in design, industry and research, as well as other professionals.

L’École de design offers MDes programs specially tailored for students from all over the world holding a bachelor degree in design who want to integrate our MDes in Nantes, and 3 Trancultural Design MDes programs.

MDes Social Design

This program aims to develop multidisciplinary expertise in critical areas of social and environmental design.


MDes UX Design

This program focuses on the user experience in digital environments.


MDes Information Design

The Information Design program explores the emerging challenges presented by the exponential production of data.


MDes Food Design & Brand

Food allows us to state our identity, to show we are a part of a group and to express our likes and dislikes.
This program offers a multidisciplinary approach of innovation through design oriented towards the users, the uses, the representations and the branding.


MDes Environmental Design

This program explores simultaneously the evolution of our built environment and the urban transformations in a context of rapid change, with the requirements of a sustainable, accessible and smart city, conceived in a spirit of universal co-design (design for all), fully integrated.


Brazil Studio

This MDes program, leading to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the Ministry of higher education, deals with topics related to immersion environment (mobility, health, distribution, education, food, access to energy, waste management, environmental issues) and its specific characteristics (high population density, multiculturalism, natural resources and local crafts, democratic construction ...).


China Studio

The MDes Transcultural Design / China Studio offers a tremendous opportunity for design students from all over the world to discover and comprehend Chinese culture.


India Studio

This program provides a unique opportunity for its students to specialize in Social Innovation and Design Thinking in the context of Delhi, a city as innovative as representative of development challenges.